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Global round table on PRTRs

19 November 2013

Geneva, Switzerland

The Global Round Table on PRTRs was held on 19 November 2013 in  Geneva (Palais des Nations, Salle VII), and back to back with the third meeting of the Working Group of the Parties to the Protocol on PRTRs (20-21 November 2013). The event was organised under the auspices of UNECE and OECD, in cooperation with UNITAR. The round table took stock of successes and challenges in implementing the PRTR Protocol and PRTRs systems to date in order to create a snapshot which can guide future activities towards implementation of new PRTRs, and enhancements to existing PRTRs. For further information please check the latest press release.

Documents for the meeting, statements made during the meeting, and the meeting report are being uploaded on this webpage as they become available.

Pollutant Release and Transfer Registers online Survey, November 2013.

This survey was jointly prepared by OECD, UNECE and UNITAR and open to participants and other interested public. Preliminary outcomes of the survey were presented at the Global round table event. Final results can be used to help the PRTR community in planning and implementation of future activities.

In the Document section below, you will find a pdf-file of the survey's summery, a table with the raw data from survey results in order to allow you to make use of the data, and powerpoint slides with graphics of results for each question.


Documents and background material:


Provisional ProgrammePDFPDFPDF
Report of the Global round table on PRTRs  held in Geneva on 19 November 2013, ECE/MP.PRTR/2014/7PDFPDFPDF
List of SpeakersPDF
Implementation guide to the ProtocolPDFPDFPDFPDF
Text of the ProtocolPDFPDFPDFPDF
Summary of the PRTR online surveyPDF
Raw data from the PRTR online surveyXLS
Slides with the results from the PRTR online surveyPPT
Global round table brochurePDF
List of ParticipantsPDF
Item 1: Opening Statements
Mr. Sven Alkalaj, ECE Executive SecretaryPDF
Ambassador Remigi Winzap, Permanent representative of Switzerland to the World Trade Organization and the European Free Trade Association PDF
Item 2: PRTRs: benefits and opportunities
Mr. Stephen De Vito, Senior Scientist, Environmental Protection Agency, United States PRTR Information in SustainabilityPDF
Mr. Øyvind Hetland, Senior Engineer, Norwegian Environment Agency PRTRs to show use of resources-Energy consumption and waste minimisationPDF
Mr. Marcos Serrano, Head of Department of Environmental Statistics and Information, Ministry of Environment, Chile How PRTRs could function as a single window for environmental reportingPDF
Ms. Silvia Nicolaescu, Main Advisory officer, Ministry of Environment, Republic of Moldova Develop national inventories in compiance with international agreementsPDF
Ms. Kristina Saarinen, Team Leader, Environment Institute, Finland GHG Emission InventoriesPDF
Mr. Jan Marsak, Director of Waste Management Department, Ministry of the Environment, Czech Republic Communicate environmental information to the publicPDF
Item 3: Problematic areas and pathways for progress: good practices in PRTRs implementation
Ms. Sabrina Andrade, Hazardous waste manager, Ministry of the Environment, Brazil PRTR, How to ensure effective involvement of enterprisesPDF
Mr. Uri Shilhav, PRTR coordinator, Ministry of Environmental Protection, Israel How the PRTRs data is managedPDF

Mr. Inigo De Vincente-Mingarro, PRTR expert, PRTR-España, Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment of Spain

Estimation techniques in PRTRsPDF

Ms. Mara Silina, Programme coordinator, European Environmental Bureau / European ECO Forum

Role of NGOs and needs of PRTR data usersPDF

Mr. Dmytro Skrylnikov, Head of the Bureau of Environmental Investigation

PRTRs implementation in countries with economies in transitionPDF
Item 4: Harmonized PRTRs
Ms. Eva Goossens, Project manager-Industrial emissions, European Environment Agency E-PRTRPDF
Ms. Marcia Cecilia Suazo Hernandez, Environmental Engineer, Ministry of the Environment, Honduras Central America and Dominican Republic PRTRPDF
Mr. Stephen De Vito, Senior Scientist, Environmental Protection Agency, United States PRTRs in North AmericaPDF
Item 5: Joining efforts and looking for synergy: international forums dealing with PRTRs
Mr. Nicholas Obe, United Kingdom, Vice-Chair of the Meeting of the Parties to the ECE Protocol on PRTRs Activities under the ProtocolPDF
Mr. Noriyuki Suzuki, Japan, Chair of the Task Force on PRTRs under OECD OECD activities on PRTRsPDF
Mr. Jorge Ocaña, Task Manager - POPs and Chemicals, UNEP - DTIE (Chemicals Branch / GEF Operations)PRTRs and the GEFPDF
The following presentation was not presented at the meeting, but is made available as a background material:ESP
Ms. Sonia González, Directora General de Investigacion e Información Ambiental, Ministerio del Ambiente, PerúRegistro de Emisiones y Transferencia de Contaminantes RETCPDF