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This first joint meeting of the Bureau and the Working Group on Implementation since the seventh meeting of the Conference of the Parties (November 2012) began in the afternoon and was preceded by a seperate meeting of the Working Group on Implementation in the morning. The Bureau and Working Group planned the implementation of the decisions taken by the Conference of the Parties.

The Bureau’s tasks in this meeting included arranging for the carrying out of the adopted biennial workplan, reviewing the Convention’s financial situation and preparing for the meetings of the Working Group on the Development of the Convention, which is to draft an amendment to the Convention.

Provisional agenda (COPB48 – WGI37; CP.TEIA/B/2013/INF.1 – CP.TEIA/WG.2/2013/INF.2)

Minutes of the meeting (COPB49 – WGI39; CP.TEIA/B/2013/INF.9 – CP.TEIA/WG.2/2013/INF.6)