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Item 4. Review of past activities and discussion of future activities in the different areas
of work
(b)    Support to implementation through capacity-building and assistance on the ground 
Support for implementation
Mr. Bo Libert, Regional Adviser on Environment, UNECE
(d)    Assessment of the status of transboundary waters
Monitoring and assessment of transboundary waters
Ms. Lea Kauppi, Chair of the Working Group on Monitoring and Assessment, Director General, Finnish Environment Institute, Finland, and Ms. Annukka Lipponen, UNECE 
(e)    Joint monitoring and assessment of transboundary waters, including data management and information exchange
FFEM-EECCA Project "Strengthening capacity for data administration and exchange for monitoring and assessment of transboundary water resources in Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia
Mr. Paul Haener, International Office for Water, France, and Mr. Boris Minarik, International Water Assessment Centre, Slovakia
(g)    Water and adaptation to climate change in transboundary basins
Climate change adaptation in transboundary basins
Mr. Joost Buntsma, Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, Directorate General for Spatial Planning and Water, the Netherlands
(h)    European Union Water Initiative and National Policy Dialogues

EU Water Initiative National Policy Dialogues
Ms. Ana Drapa, Romania

(i)    Water and industrial accidents

Joint Expert Group -  Report on the progress on drafting a guideline for contingency planning and crisis management in the context of transboundary waters
Mr. Péter Kovács, State Secretary for Water Management, Ministry of Rural Development, Hungary, and Mr. Francisc Senzaconi, Head of Department, Disaster Prevention, General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations, Romania

Item 6.     Cooperation with the Protocol on Water and Health
Progress achieved under the Protocol on Water and Health
Mr. Kjetil Tveitan, Chair of the Bureau of the Protocol on Water and Health, Ministry of Health and Care Services, Norway
Item 7.     Cooperation with other multilateral environmental agreements and international partners
UNESCO - UNECE cooperation
Ms. Alice Aureli, Chief, Groundwater Resources and Aquifer Systems Coordinator, Transboundary Aquifers
Management-ISARM programme, UNESCO

GEF International Waters Portfolio
Mr. Christian Severin, Program Manager, Global Environment Facility

Item 9.    Programme of work for 2013–2015, terms of reference of bodies established to implement it and resources needed for its implementation

Draft programme of work for 2013-2015
Ms. Francesca Bernardini, Secretary to the Water Convention, UNECE

Item 10.    International Water Assessment Centre
International Water Assessment Centre
Mr. Boris Minárik, Director of the IWAC, Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute, Slovakia