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Third meeting of Working Group on the Development

3 - 4 September 2013

Geneva (Switzerland)

The seventh meeting of the Conference of the Parties, in 2012, requested the Working Group on the Development of the Convention to draft a revised annex I to bring it into line with the United Nations Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS, ST/SG/AC.10/30/Rev.4) and to maintain consistency with the corresponding European Union legislation (Seveso III Directive). The meeting also requested the Working Group to evaluate the possible amendment of the Convention to address a number of other provisions and issues.

To be held in room VIII, Palais des Nations, Geneva.

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Additional information (pending issue of the provisional agenda)

Terms of reference, prepared by the Bureau with the support of the secretariat, of

Resources developed by the European Commission during the alignment of the Seveso Directive with GHS (see under Special Regulatory Topics)

Document Title ENG FRE RUS
Annotated provisional agenda of the third meeting
Background paper on possible amendments to the Convention (ECE/CP.TEIA/WG.1/2013/3)ENGFRERUS
Report of the third session ENGFRERUS
Presentation 1  Public participation under Aarhus PDF
Presentation 2 Changes on Parts I and II of Annex I of the Convention PDF
Presentation 3 Summary of recommendations of the WGD regarding Annex PDF
Presentation 4 Proposed changes in the Convention PDF
Presentation 5 Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals  (GHS)PDF
Presentation 6 Possible amendments to the Convention and their impact PDF
Presentation 7 The global opening of the UNECE Water Convention PDF