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Why retrofitting older buildings needs to be a priority.

Energy efficiency is the greatest energy resource because it’s cheaper and quicker to invest in than alternative capacities for energy supply. The UNECE region, as a result of its cool climate, uses over 50 per cent of its energy in residences for space heating.

A priority for energy-efficiency investments must therefore be to renovate the existing housing stock, especially the panel-built multi-unit apartment blocks. Why? Most buildings that will exist in 2050 have already been built. 

If we want to avoid being locked in a bigger carbon footprint for years to come, we need to retrofit these buildings in an energy-efficient manner. To do so, we must use the latest technologies to achieve the greatest reductions in emissions and energy consumption. 

Energy-efficient housing brings many environmental, economic, social and health benefits. It also brings increased energy security. 

Also, to overcome the current barriers to the broad application of energy-efficiency measures in the residential sector, we’ll need to increase incentives, information, awareness and expertise, as well as promote greater investment and innovation.



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