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    Focal point: André Sceia
    Phone: +41 (0)22 917 1313
    E-mail: etir [at] unece.org
    Website: etir.unece.org

At its 23rd session, the GE.1 will focus on validating the eTIR Reference Model version 3.4 and schemas for eTIR XML messages based on the WCO Data Model v.3.4 as well as getting updates in the field of the computerisation of the TIR and other relevant procedure.

Agenda :
   Informal document GE.1 No.6 (2013)

Documentation :
   Informal document GE.1 No.4 (2013) - eTIR Reference Model v.4.0a (Version with track changes)
   Informal document GE.1 No.7 (2013) - Activities of eTIR focal points
   Informal document GE.1 No.8 (2013) - Roles and responsibilities of  eTIR focal points
   Informal document GE.1 No.9 (2013) - E9 message and national requirements
   Informal document GE.1 No.10 (2013) - XML tags (new document, not announced in the agenda)