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Francisco X. Aguilar

Francisco X. Aguilar studies the adoption of environmental certification by the forest-products industry, monetary and non-market services that forests provide to society and prospects for generating energy from wood.

His research in renewable energy includes analysing the economic feasibility of harvesting woody materials, the willingness of private landowners to supply biomass, the preferences of investors for renewable energies, and the effect of public policies on the use of wood energy.

Aguilar is a former British Council Scholar and has received awards from the Earth Island Institute, World Resources Institute and Resources for the Future. His research has appeared in journals including Biomass & Bioenergy, Energy Economics, Energy Policy, Forest Economics, Forest Policy and Economics, Journal of Forestry, Wood and Fiber Science and Forest Products Journal.

He has been Lead Author of the chapter on "Wood Energy Markets" in the 2010-2011 and 2011-2012 editions of the UNECE/FAO Forest Products Annual Market Review.  He is also a frequent contributor on wood energy matters in policy forums such as the UNECE Timber Committee and the FAO European Forestry Commission.

Francisco X. Aguilar

Assistant Professor
School of Natural Resources,
University of Missouri (USA)