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Contact Point for the joint session: Paola Deda

The joint session of the UNECE Committee on Forests and the Forest Industry and the FAO European Forestry Commission took place on 9-13 December 2013 in Rovaniemi, Finland. The event was called Metsä2013, "metsä" meaning forest in Finnish. 

A second European Forest Week was organized during Metsä2013. The week focused on the contribution of forests and forest products to a green economy. The week brought together a variety of stakeholders from forest and non-forest sectors. Side and Parallel Events were organized as part of the celebrations of the European Forest Week in Rovaniemi. 

To see the preliminary programme for Metsä2013 click here and to see an overview of the week including a list of side/parallel events, please click hereFor more information, please see the Metsä2013 Handbook.



Report of the joint session



Annotated Provisional Agenda for the joint session




Draft Market Statement on Forest Products in 2012 and 2013 ECE/TIM/2013/3−FO:EFC/2013/3

Country market statements

FAO’s report on follow-up activities to the recommendations and requests of the 36th session of the Commission ECE/TIM/2013/4−FO:EFC/2013/4 PDFPDFPDF
Implementation of the new structure and modus operandi of the Working Party on the Management of Mountain Watersheds ECE/TIM/2013/5−FO:EFC/2013/5PDFPDFPDF
The New Strategic Framework for FAO ECE/TIM/2013/6−FO:EFC/2013/6PDFPDFPDF
Annex to the New Strategic Framework for FAO ECE/TIM/2013/6−FO:EFC/2013/6PDFIncl. in 6Incl. in 6
Strategic Evaluation of FAO's Role and Work in Forestry: Management Response ECE/TIM/2013/7−FO:EFC/2013/7PDFPDFPDF

Contribution to FAO Governance - Input to the Committee on Forestry and the Regional Conferences ECE/TIM/2013/8−FO:EFC/2013/8

Biennial evaluation plan of the Forestry and timber subprogramme for 2014-2015 ECE/TIM/2013/9−FO:EFC/2013/9PDFPDFPDF
Draft programme of work of the Forestry and timber subprogramme for 2014-2015 ECE/TIM/2013/10/Rev.1−FO:EFC/2013/10/Rev.1PDFPDFPDF
The UN Development Agenda Beyond 2015: Sustainable Development Goals ECE/TIM/2013/11−FO:EFC/2013/11PDFPDFPDF
Draft [ECE/FAO] Action Plan for the Forest Sector in a Green Economy ECE/TIM/2013/12−FO:EFC/2013/12PDFPDFPDF
Draft Integrated Programme of Work 2014-17 for the Committee on Forests and the Forest Industry and the European Forestry Commission ECE/TIM/2013/13−FO:EFC/2013/13PDFPDFPDF
Proposed Terms of Reference for the ECE/FAO Joint Working Party and the ECE/FAO Teams of Specialists ECE/TIM/2013/14−FO:EFC/2013/14PDFPDFPDF
Review of 2013 activities and planned activities for 2014 ECE/TIM/2013/15−FO:EFC/2013/15PDFPDFPDF
List of ECE/FAO Publications for 2014-2017 ECE/TIM/2013/15/Add.1−FO:EFC/2013/15/Add.1PDFPDFPDF
Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) Toolbox ECE/TIM/2013/16−FO:EFC/2013/16PDFPDFPDF
Voluntary Guidelines on National Forest Monitoring ECE/TIM/2013/17−FO:EFC/2013/17PDFPDFPDF
The FAO Fire Management Umbrella Programme ECE/TIM/2013/18−FO:EFC/2013/18PDFPDFPDF
Voluntary Guidelines on the Responsible Governance of Tenure of Land, Fisheries and Forestry ECE/TIM/2013/19−FO:EFC/2013/19PDFPDFPDF
Preparations for the XIV World Forestry Congress ECE/TIM/2013/20−FO:EFC/2013/20PDFPDFPDF
Regional input to the United Nations Forum on Forests ECE/TIM/2013/INF.1 - FO:EFC/2013/INF.1PDF
Review of the effectiveness of the international arrangement on forest and role of forests in the post-2015 development agenda  ECE/TIM/2013/INF.2 - FO:EFC/2013/INF.2PDF
Proposed list of activities from the Action Plan for the Forest Sector in a Green Economy to be carried out by ECE/FAO ECE/TIM/2013/INF.3 - FO:EFC/2013/INF.3PDF
The State of Conservation of the World's Genetic Resources  ECE/TIM/2013/INF.4 - FO:EFC/2013/INF.4PDF
The Global Timber Forum 
ECE/TIM/2013/INF.5 - FO:EFC/2013/INF.5
Forests and Food Securitiy: Follow-up to the conclusions of the International Conference ECE/TIM/2013/INF.6 - FO:EFC/2013/INF.6PDF




Agenda item




Official opening

Poem, Henry Cuyler BunnerVera ChapchikovaPDF
300 years of scientific forestry: forests in the next 300 yearsJürgen BlaserPDF
Future of Russian ForestsAlexander PanfilovPDF


Forest Product Markets

Market discussions

European forest products market overviewAntti KoskinenPDF
Spotlight on Turkey's fores product marketsRamazan BaliPDF
Russian Federation forest products market overviewVladimir StyazhkinPDF
North American forest products market overviewGordon CulbertsonPDF

Engaging the private sector

Plum Creek Timber Comany, forestlands and wood products, United StatesMike JostromPDF
Quebec Wood Export Bureau, CanadaSylvain LabbéPDF
European Sawmill Organization, BelgiumKimmo JarvinenPDF
European Panel Federation, wood-based panelsIsabelle BrossPDF
Stora Enso, wood construction, FinlandMatti MikkolaPDF
Architecture specializing in wood construction, FranceBernard-Yves CapellePDF
The Confederation of European Paper Industries, BelgiumBernard de Galembert         PDF
Domsjö Fibre - wood pulp for textiles, SweedenMartin ForsénPDF
UPM - biorefining of wood fibre, FinlandStefan SundmanPDF

Measuring and communicating    
the contribution of the forest sector to a green economy

Global green economy initiative and indicatiorsIvonne HigeuroPDF
The Swiss experiences in measuring and communicating sustainable developmentAndré de MontmollinPDF

Measuring progress of the forest sector towards a green economy: some proposals

 - Background Paper

 - Presentation

Christopher PrinsPDF


European Forestry Commission Matters

Follow-up to the decisions of the 36th sessionDominique ReebPDF
Activities of the FAO Regional Office for Europe and Central AsiaNorbert Winkler and Ekrem YaziciPDF
Working Party on Mountain WatershedsThomas HoferPDF
New Strategic Framework for FAO Eduardo Rojas-BrialesPDF
Recommendations for the 29th session of the FAO Regional Conference for Europe and 22nd session of COFOPeter CsokaPDF


Committee on Forests and the Forest Industry Matters

Matters arising from the 65th session of the ECEPaola DedaPDF
Matters arising from the last COFFI sessionPaola DedaPDF


Outcome of UNFF10 and implications for the ECE region

The role of forests in the post 2015 agendaEduardo Rojas-BrialesPDF
Review of the effectivness of the international arrangement on forests (IAF)Jürgen BlaserPDF


Joint Committee/Commission Matters

The new EU forest strategy, blueprint for EU forest-based industrySteve Smith and Jeremy WallPDF
Development of the Action Plan for the Forest Sector in a Green Economy Arnaud BrizayPDF
ECE/FAO Integrated Programme of Work 2014-17 Arnaud BrizayPDF
Review of 2013 activities and planned activities for 2014 and list of publicationsDominique ReebPDF
Communication activities for the International Day of Forests and the European Forest WeekNina Peeva and Maria de CristofaroPDF


FAO Global Activities on Sustainable Forest Management

Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) Toobox Thomas HoferPDF
Voluntary Guidelines on National Forest Monitoring Thomas HoferPDF
The FAO Fire Management Umbrella Programme Thomas HoferPDF
Voluntary Guidelines on the Responsible Governance of Tenure of Land, Fisheries and Forestry Tiina VähänenPDF
The State of Conservation of the World's Genetic ResourcesChristophe BesacierPDF
The Global Timber ForumTiina VähänenPDF
Outcome of the International Conference on Forests for Food SecurityPeter CsokaPDF
Preparations for the XIV World Forestry Congress Tiina VähänenPDF




To see more photos from the meeting please visit IISD webpages.


Side & parallel events

In parallel to Metsä2013, more than 35 Side Events and Parallel Events were organized as part of the celebrations of the second European Forest Week at the meeting venue, Hotel Santa Claus.  

These meetings allowed partners to benefit from exchanges with delegates present in Rovaniemi and brought under the same ‘roof’ a wide range of stakeholders to discuss forest related matters.

To see an overview of the Week including the list of these events, please click here. Should you have any questions contact the Secretariat at efw-see@unece.org

Field Trips

A pre-meeting excursion took place on Monday, 9 December. Two field trips took place on Friday, 13 December. More information is provided below. 

Monday, 9 December

On Monday, 9 December, a 5 hour pre-meeting excursion was organized by the Federation of Finnish Forest Industries. 

Friday, 13 December

All METSÄ2013 participants were invited to attend field trips on the final day of METSÄ2013. Field Trip Day on December 13 consists of two exciting excursions: there will be an outdoor field trip in the morning and a factory visit in the afternoon. 

"Arctic Forestry Winter Safari”

Morning Field Trip - 13 December -  8:00-11:30

This trip took the participants to the middle of Boreal forests, where they witnessed a forest management show in the woods. They also had the chance to observe the traditional ice fishing in the arctic conditions of Lapland and enjoyed a typical Finnish outdoor lunch by the lakeside.

“Playful Wooden Manufacturing in Lapland – a visit to Lappset production facilities"

Afternoon Field Trip, 13 December - 13:30-16:00 

Lappset Group Ltd welcomed METSÄ2013 participants to visit its production facilities in Rovaniemi on Friday 13 December 2013.


For more information, please visit:

the UNECE and the FAO web pages

or contact: efw-see@unece.org