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The first meeting of the Expert Group on monitoring progress in achieving equitable access to water and sanitation in the pan-European region under the Protocol on Water and Health took place on 27-28 September 2012, in Paris, France.

The first meeting of the Expert Group discussed:

  • the approach and methodology of the score card project
  • the general structure of the project’s final product
  • the detailed content of the score card, in particular the targets name and targets rational, the indicators, the scoring options and the possible means of verification.
  • the draft terms of reference for the pilot projects: methodology, country team, timeline and respective expected outputs
  • the future steps.

Relevant initiatives related to the development of the score card were also presented.

Concept noteDOC
Draft scorecardDOC
Draft ToR for pilot projectsDOC
Equity in access to Watsan in global monitoring (Didier Allély, WHO)PDF
Human Rights to water and sanitation (Madoka Saji, OHCHR)PDF
A Human Rights-based approach to water governance (Hélène Boussard, WaterLex)PDF
Pilot project to monitor progress in Paris (Odile Nieuwyaer, Ville de Paris)PDF