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Charles Wessner

Dr. Charles Wessner is a National Academy Scholar and Director of the Program on Technology, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship. He also serves as a vice chair of UNECE Team of Specialists on Innovation and Competitiveness Policies. He is recognized nationally and internationally for his expertise on innovation policy, including public-private partnerships, entrepreneurship, early-stage financing for new firms, and the special needs and benefits of high-technology industry.  He testifies to the United States Congress and major national commissions, advises agencies of the US government and international organizations, and lectures at major universities in the US and abroad.

Dr. Wessner's work addresses the linkages between science-based economic growth, entrepreneurship, new technology development, university-industry clusters, regional development, small firm finance and public-private partnerships.  His program at the National Academies also addresses policy issues associated with international technology cooperation, investment, and trade in high-technology industries.

In addition to launching the National Academies Innovation Policy Forum, Dr. Wessner currently directs a series of studies centered on government measures to encourage entrepreneurship and support the development of new technologies and the cooperation between industry, universities, laboratories, and government to capitalize on a country’s investment in research.

Charles W. Wessner

Director, Technology, Innovation
and Entrepreneurship Program