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Room VII
Languages: English, Russian and French with simultaneous translation

Whether compact, smart, resource-efficient or climate-neutral – sustainable urban development has many faces. During this third UNECE Green Economy Seminar, different concepts, approaches and initiatives, which aim to achieve sustainable urban development and support the transition to a Green Economy in urban areas, will be presented and discussed. At the seminar, we would like to explore how these concepts differ from each other and what they have in common. Can we agree on a common denominator for sustainable urban development?

This seminar will be organized back to back with the annual session of the UNECE Committee on Housing and Land Management bringing together representatives of UNECE member States.

The seminar is relevant to other programmes as sustainable urban development is the outcome of good practice in the areas of environmental planning, housing, energy, transport etc.





Towards Climate Neutral Cities
Ms. Maike Christiansen, UNECE
Compact city policies: a comparative assessment
Mr. Tadashi Matsumoto, OECD
Resource Efficient Cities: Drivers of Change and Engine to Sustainability
Ms. Soraya Smaouan, UNEP DTIE
Compact, smart and climate-neutral: The urban planner's perspective on sustainable cities
Ms. Shipra Narang Suri, ISOCARP
Urban Infrastructure Initiative: A World of Sustainable Cities
Mr. Matthew Lynch, WBCSD