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The eighth meeting of the Working Group on Integrated Water Resources Management was held from Wednesday, 25 September 2013 until Thursday, 26 September in the Palais des Nations in Geneva back-to-back with the First Workshop “River Basin Commissions and Other Joint Bodies for Transboundary Water Cooperation: Legal and Institutional Aspects” (23 and 24 September 2013 in Geneva).

The main objective of the meeting of the Working Group on Integrated Water Resources Management was to review the implementation of the Water Convention's programme of work for 2013–2015.

Provisional Agenda (ECE/MP.WAT/WG.1/2013/1)PDFPDFPDF


Report (ECE/MP.WAT/WG.1/2013/2)PDFPDFPDF
Item 3
Report of the joint meeting of the Working Group on Monitoring and Assessment and the Working Group
on Integrated Water Resources Management (ECE/MP.WAT/WG.1/2012/2)and (ECE/MP.WAT/WG.2/2012/2)
Item 4
Ratification status of the Water Convention, the amendments to its articles 25 and 26
and of its Protocols (ECE/MP.WAT/WG.1/2013/INF.1)
Item 5
Support to implementation and accession
Report of the first meeting of the Implementation Committee (ECE/MP.WAT/IC/2013/2)
Preliminary considerations to support the development of an
analysis on the needs for reporting under the water convention (ECE/MP.WAT/WG.1/2013/INF.2)
Item 6
Concept note on the collection of good practices and lessons learned on water and adaptation to
climate change in transboundary basins (ECE/MP.WAT/WG.1/2013/3)
Progress report of the pilot projects on climate change adaptation in transboundary basins (ECE/MP.WAT/WG.1/2013/INF.3)PDFPDF
Report of the sixth meeting of the Task Force on Water and ClimatePDF
Item 7
Quantifying the benefits of transboundary cooperation (ECE/MP.WAT/WG.1/2013/4)
Item 8
Report on the preparation of the assessment of the water-food-energy-ecosystems nexus (ECE/MP.WAT/WG.1/2013/INF.4)
Item 9
Draft Report of the Workshop on Transboundary Water Cooperation (ECE/MP.WAT/WG.1/2013/INF.5)
Item 12
Report on implementation of the European Union Water Initiative National Policy Dialogues on Integrated Water Resources Management and on Water Supply and Sanitation (ECE/MP.WAT/WG.1/2013/INF.6)
Draft report on the Implementation of the principles of Integrated Water Resources Management in the context of the National Policy Dialogues in Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia (ECE/MP.WAT/WG.1/2013/INF.7)PDFPDF
Implementation of the Astana Water Action: fostering progress towards improved water management (ECE/CEP/2013/9)PDF
Report of the Meeting of the Parties on its sixth session (ECE/MP.WAT/37/Add.1)PDFPDFPDF
Decisions and vision for the future of the Convention
Registration fromDOC
List of participantsPDF
Astana Water Action - progress achieved
Ms. Iulia Trombitcaia, UNECE
Programme area 3: Quantifying the benefits of cooperation
Ms. Chantal Demilecamps, UNECE
Budapest Water Summit
Ms. Maria Galambos, Ministry of Rural Development, Hungary
Opening of the Water Convention
Ms. Sonja Koeppel, UNECE
Emerging Advice on a Potential SDG on Water
Mr. Frederico Properzi, CTA, UN-Water
EU Water Initiative National Policy Dialogues: recent developments
Ms. Ana Drapa, Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, Romania
International Year of Water Cooperation
Joint Expert Group to ECE Water Convention and Industrial Accident Convention
Ms. Maria Galambos, Ministry of Rural Development, Hungary
Thematic assessment on the Water-Food-Energy-Ecosystems Nexus
Ms. Annukka Lipponen, UNECE
Open Working Group on SDGs process
Ms. Maria Galambos, Ministry of Rural Development, Hungary
The project: Vecht PES case study
Ms. Heide Jekel, Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety, Germany
Projects on the ground
Mr. Bo Libert, UNECE
The Roadmap for a global Water Convention
Mr. Massimo Cozzone, Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea, Italy
Task Force on Water and Climate
Mr. Niels Vlaanderen, Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, the Netherlands