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The workshop aimed to support Parties and non-Parties in the preparation of their national summary reports in the framework of the second reporting exercise under the Protocol on Water and Health.

The workshop provided the opportunity:

  • To exchange experiences and lessons learned by Parties and non-Parties from the first pilot reporting exercise conducted in 2009-2010
  • To present and discuss the process of preparation of the summary reports, the lessons learned, the challenges encountered and the solutions applied
  • To discuss the preliminary results of the reporting exercise at the national level, in particular the progress achieved towards the targets set, the remaining difficulties and the opportunity to revise the targets set.

The workshop was organized prior to the sixth session of the Task Force on Target Setting and Reporting (14 February 2013).

More information is available at the webpage of the second reporting exercise.

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Registration formDOC
Guidelines for summary reports in accordance with article 7 of the Protocol on Water and HealthPDFPDFPDF
Template for summary reports in accordance with article 7 of the Protocol on Water and HealthDOCDOCDOC
Guidelines on the Setting of Targets, Evaluation of Progress and ReportingPDFPDFPDF
List of participantsPDF

Introduction to the workshop: background  and objectives of the workshop, Mr. Pierre Studer, Switzerland


The first pilots reporting exercise under the Protocol: challenges and lessons, Mr. Alisher Mamadzhanov, UNECE

3Monitoring of water supply and sanitation: linkage between regional and global data collection and reporting mechanisms , Ms. Enkhtsetseg Shinee, WHO/EuropePDF
3How countries reported on common indicators in the first reporting exercise? Lessons and guidance for the second reporting cycle, Mr. Thor-Axel Stenström, Invited ExpertPDF
4Ms. Marta Vargha, HungaryPDF
4Mr. Ion Salaru, Republic of MoldovaPDF
4Mr. Kjetil Tveitan, NorwayPDF
4Ms. Natalija Sliachtic, Lithuania PDF
5How to use the national summary report and in particular its Part 4 for conveying political messages and raising political support for the Protocol in member States? Mr. Pierre Studer, SwitzerlandPDF
6Ms. Marta Vargha, Hungary PDF
6Ms. Biljana Filipovic and Ms. Tanja Knezevic, Serbia PDF
6Mr. Ion Salaru and Ms. Tatiana Siniaeva, Republic of MoldovaPDF
6Ms. Iryna Rudenko and Ms. Anna Tsvetkova, UkrainePDF