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Meeting on Climate Change Related Statistics for producers and users

19 - 20 November 2012

Geneva, Switzerland

Document Title
Meeting OutlinePDF
Report of the meetingPDF
Opening of the meeting
Task Force presents the goals - UNECEPPT
Session 1: What do we mean by climate change related statistics?
Scope of Climate Change Related Statistics - UNECE Task Force/NorwayPDFPPT
Scope from the DPSIR model and from the Impact, mitigation and adaptation perspective -  DG Climate ActionPPT
Climate change related statistics from the Framework for the Development of Environment Statistics (FDES) - NorwayPPT
Scope from the Natural capital approach - CanadaPPT
Defining a list of climate indicators - the World BankPPT
Introduction to the Discussion - NorwayPPT
Session 2: User needs and data gaps
Role of national statistical offices in climate info for health: producers’ and users’ perspective - World Health OrganizationPPT
User needs from a greenhouse gas inventory perspective - European Environment AgencyPDFPPT
EU climate policy and data needs - DG Climate ActionPDFPPT
Needs for new data in climate change analysis - Carbon BriefPPT
Particular focus on climate risk – what our clients really need - the World BankPPT
Session 3: Good practices in national statistical offices
Statistics Finland as the national authority for Finland's greenhouse gas inventory - experiences and future challenges - FinlandPPT
The National Statistical and Geographical Information System of Mexico and Climate Change Statistics - MexicoPPT
Building knowledge and capacity in Albania to improve greenhouse gas emission inventories - AlbaniaPDFPPT
Production of statistical data on climate change in the Kyrgyz Republic - KyrgyzstanPPT
Improving official statistics in EU for the purposes of emission inventories and climate analysis - EurostatPPT
Production of quarterly emissions estimates - the NetherlandsPPT
Challenges to statistical systems - FinlandPDFPPT
Session 4: Key directions for future - panel discussion
Other relevant material
Terms of reference for the Task ForcePDF
Work plan of the Task ForcePDF
Survey of statistical offices involvement in climate change related statistics - UNECEPDF
The little data book on climate change - the World BankPDF
User needs
Report on interviews for analyzing users' needs for climate change related statisticsPDF