Following the request by Kazakhstan to initiate an NPD on Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM), the NPD process started in the country in 2012. It will address both IWRM and WSS issues.

An intergovernmental preparatory meeting was organized in Astana in September 2012 to prioritize the topics for the NPD in the country on the basis of a list of topics proposed during bilateral consultations with ministries and agencies in May 2012. An additional objective was to discuss the composition of the future NPD Steering Committee.

The first Steering Committee meeting was held in June 2013. The meeting prioritized such topics as a benefit analysis for Kazakhstan’s accession to the Protocol on Water and Health, sustainable business models for WSS in rural areas and small towns, and private sector participation in WSS. Opportunities for addressing transboundary cooperation issues and IWRM governance may also be explored during the NPD process.


The third NPD Steering Committee meeting (15 May 2015)

The second NPD working group meeting (14 October 2014)

The second NPD Steering Committee meeting (24 April 2014)

National Workshop on the UNECE-WHO/EUROPE Protocol on Water and Health for Kazakhstan (23-24 April 2014)

The first NPD working group meeting (6 December 2013)

The first NPD Steering Committee meeting (21 June 2013)

Intergovernmental preparatory meeting for the National Water Policy Dialogue in the Republic of Kazakhstan in the framework of EU Water Initiative (14 September 2012)

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