The kick-off meeting for the NPD on IWRM in Turkmenistan was held in December 2010, followed by the first Steering Committee meeting in April 2011. As part of the NPD on IWRM, an interministerial expert group was established to review  the national legislation of Turkmenistan in the light of the adoption of the standards of the Water Convention, including the IWRM principles enshrined in the Convention. The group developed a detailed analysis of the national legislation and concluded that the Water Convention corresponds to the interests  of Turkmenistan. In August 2012 Turkmenistan acceded to the Water Convention.

In November 2011, a national workshop on IWRM was organized  to familiarize the participants with IWRM implementation in the EU and in other countries of the Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia subregion, as well as to discuss the tools and opportunities for application of IWRM principles in Turkmenistan. An international consultant was commissioned to prepare a report on the opportunities to introduce a river basin management approach in Turkmenistan.

The second Steering Committee meeting in September 2012 empowered the interministerial expert group to develop proposals  for strengthening national legislation in line with IWRM principles and to review the opportunities for river basin management in the country. It also specified capacity building activities  which would be instrumental for the advancement of IWRM in Turkmenistan.

During the period 2010–2012, the NPD on IWRM in Turkmenistan has been supported by Norway, EC and GIZ.

Video interview (in Russian) with Mr. Kurbangeldy BALLYEV, Representative of Turkmenistan, and Member of the Executive Committee of the International Fund for Saving the Aral Sea, here.


Capacity building workshop on the UNECE-WHO/EUROPE Protocol on Water and Health and its links with global monitoring programme for water supply and sanitation (1 April 2015)

The fifth NPD Steering Committee meeting (31 March 2015)

National seminar on the transboundary industrial accidents and water under the EUWI National Policy Dialogue (9-10 October 2014)

National seminar on the Protocol on Water and Health under the EUWI National Policy Dialogue (7-8 October 2014)

The fourth NPD Steering Committee meeting (3 April 2014)

The third NPD Steering Committee meeting (5 April 2013)

The second NPD Steering Committee meeting (27 September 2012)

National seminar on IWRM under the EU Water Initiative NPD in Turkmenistan  (12 November 2011)

Expert group meetings for analysis of needs in enhancement of legal and institutional bases of water management in Turkmenistan  (02 September - 19 November 2011)

The first NPD Steering Committee meeting (02 April 2011)

National Seminar “Strengthening IWRM and transboundary water cooperation: the role of UNECE conventions and of the EU Water Initiative NPD” in Turkmenistan  (06 - 07 December 2010)

Documents and Publications

Proposal for implementation of the river basin management approach in Turkmenistan (April 2013) in English and in Russian

National Policy Dialogues on Integrated Water Resources Management in Turkmenistan in 2010 (October 2011)