Republic of Moldova


Republic of Moldova

NPD launched: 2006

NPD Chair and strategic partners: Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Health           MOU with UNECE: 2015 (in English and Russian)

Current priority areas:

  • Adoption and implementation of IWRM and the principles of the EU water legislation.
  • Setting and implementing of targets under the UNECE-WHO/Europe Protocol on Water and Health.
  • Development of a strategic financial plan and a mid-term action plan for WSS. Work on sustainable business models for sanitation in small towns and villages.
  • Development of a strategy to adapt WSS to climate change.
  • Establishing of a sound economic regulatory system, and improving domestic financial support mechanisms for WSS.

Key achievements:

Moldova implemented the first Action Plan within the framework of the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP). The convergence of the environmental and water legislation is of particular importance for the country.

  • The new water law was discussed in the context of the NPD. The law, which enforces the principles of the EU WFD, was adopted by the Parliament in 2011.
  • A draft Government Order was produced on the establishment of river basin management authorities and river basin councils in 2009 but was not enacted.
  • An NPD-related Government Order was also adopted on wastewater discharges from municipal sources.
  • National targets under the Protocol on Water and Health were adopted by Government Decision. Assistance is being provided for their implementation. The Clearing House on the Protocol was established in 2013 as an outstanding example for the entire region.
  • A National Financing Strategy for urban and rural WSS was developed. It was translated into a mid-term Action- and Investment Plan. Several institutional changes unfolded such as the creation of an independent regulator for WSS, and actions to overcome over-fragmentation of WSS services. The Strategy also facilitated a significant increase in government- and external funding for WSS.
  • Sustainable business models for sanitation in small towns and villages were recommended. This served as an input to Germany’s work on regional development in Moldova.
  • Recommendations on improving domestic financial support mechanisms for WSS were developed through NPD.

Plans for the future:

  • Work will continue to support the implementation of national targets on water and health and the operation of the Clearing House for information on water and health.
  • Support will be provided for the approximation of EU water legislation according to the EU-Moldova Association Agreement, signed in 2014.
  • Work aimed at assisting Government of Moldova in establishing a sound economic regulatory system for WSS is being conducted with support from the OECD.


The 25th NPD Steering Committee meeting (11 April 2017)
The 24th NPD Steering Committee meeting (17 November 2016)
The 23th NPD Steering Committee meeting (26 May 2016)
The 22rd NPD Steering Committee meeting (13 November 2015)