NPD launched: 2006

NPD Chair and strategic partners: State Committee of Water Economy (Ministry of Territorial Administration), Water Resources Management Agency (Ministry of Nature Protection)

MOU with UNECE: 2006 (in English)

Current priority areas:

  • Implementation of IWRM principles in line with the EU legislation
  • Ratification and implementation of the UNECE-WHO/Europe Protocol on Water and Health
  • A strategy for wastewater collection and treatment.

Key achievements:

The NPD enjoys a high engagement level by officials in the Ministry of Environment and the State Committee of Water Systems. Armenian legislation on IWRM is converging towards the EU acquis. The NPD process had a key role through the development of policy packages:

  • A National Financing Strategy for rural WSS was developed in order to achieve the MDGs in Armenia. Policy reforms were endorsed to close the financing gap for the sustainable operation and maintenance of existing services. Targets were agreed for infrastructure investment to expand services. Recommendations were made for institutional reform with respect to WSS in rural areas.
  • A pilot River Basin Management Plan (RBMP) was developed for the Marmarik river basin in line with the principles of IWRM and the EU WFD, establishing the processes and institutions required. As a result, the Armenian authorities are now well equipped to replicate and scale up this pilot.
  • Recommendations were developed to reform the current economic instruments for water management and introduce new ones. Water abstraction fees for the fishery sector have already been reformed.

Plans for the future:

  • The Protocol on Water and Health is expected to be ratified and already drafted national targets formally adopted.
  • A comprehensive assessment of selected economic instruments for water management will be completed in 2014. It will identify the essential prerequisites for reforms.
  • There are ample opportunities to support ambitious reforms in Armenia, particularly with regard to the economics of water management.


Consultation meeting on the Protocol on Water and Health and equitable access to water supply and sanitation in Armenia (5 December 2017)

The 16th NPD Steering Committee (7 April 2017)

The 15th NPD Steering Committee (26 April 2016)

The 14th NPD Steering Committee (14 December 2015)

The 13th NPD Steering Committee (16 December 2014)

The 12th NPD Steering Committee (6 May 2014)

The 11th NPD Steering Committee meeting (12 December 2013)

The 10th NPD Steering Committee meeting (26 September 2013)

The 9th NPD Steering Committee meeting (12 December 2012)

The 8th NPD Steering Committee (11 April 2012)

The 7th Steering Committee (08 - 09 December 2011)

The 6th Steering Committee meeting (25 February 2011)

Steering Committee meeting (02 - 03 June 2010)

The 1st Steering Committee meeting on financing IWRM  (04 March 2010)

The 3rd Steering Committee meeting (10 December 2009)

Documents and Publications

Outcomes of the UNECE-FinWaterWei project on the setting of targets and target dates under the Protocol on Water and Health in Armenia

Introduction of Payment for Ecosystem Services schemes in Upper Hrazdan Pilot River Basin of Armenia (October 2011)

Summary of results and lessons learned from the implementation of the Armenian NPD on IWRM (November 2010) in English and Russian (на русском)  

Desired Conditions for Water Uses and Functions in the Marmarik River Basin, and Identification of Measures to Achieve the Desired Conditions (October, 2008)

Baseline conditions and pressures on for IWRM in the Marmarik River basin of Armenia (2007) in English and in Russian (на русском)