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The Bureau of the Meeting of the Parties was elected at the second session of the Meeting of the Parties in Maastricht, Netherlands, held in July 2014. Its current membership is as follows:


Ms. Tina Skårman (Sweden)


Mr. Øyvind Hetland (Norway)

Ms. Ulrike Schüler (Germany)


Ms. Carmen Canales (Spain)
Mr. Christopher Allen (European Union)

Mr. Nebojsa Redzic (Serbia)

Mr. Roland Ritter (Switzerland)

Decision I/1 on the rules of procedure encourages the Bureau to invite one representative of environmental non-governmental organizations and one representative of non-governmental organizations representing the industry to provide information at its first meeting on how these organizations can assist the Bureau in its deliberations.

Non-governmental organizations present at the second session of the Meeting of the Parties designated Ms. Mara Silina (European ECO Forum) as the representative of NGOs to be invited.


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