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Team of Specialists on Monitoring Sustainable Forest Management

22 - 24 May 2012

Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation

Contact Roman Michalak for more information


Help us evaluate the FOREST EUROPE/UNECE/FAO State of Europe‘s Forests 2011 report by completing this short online survey by 25 June 2012. Thank you for your contribution!



Agenda itemDocument titleENRU
2Cooperation in EuropePDF
2Review of activities (JWP2012)PDF
3&5Enquiry quantitative indicators 2011PDFPDF
4Survey - State of Europe's Forests 2011PDF
5a.1Assessment of SFMPDF
5a.2Criteria and Indicators comparison 2012PDF
5b.1IEEAF draft forest and wood resourcesXLS
5c.1Issues and Possible work by ToS on socio-economicDOC
5c.2EFT Implementation final conclusionsDOC
Meeting Report


Registration and information for delegates

Please find below the meeting registration form and information for Visa Enquiries:

Please take note that registrations forms should be sent to Eve Charles and visa-related documents should be sent Maria Palenova

Requirements File
Registration FormDOC
Visa informationfileadmin/DAM/timber/docs/visa_application.pdfPlease contact Maria
Hotel descriptionDOC
List of membersDOC


Agenda itemTitlePresenterFile

FRA 2015 and C&I regional processes

Ichiro Nagame and Myriàm Martín Vallejo


Cooperation on forest and forest management reporting

Roman MichalakPDF
3Further work on the conclusions from the FRA Technical Consultation, Ispra 1 - reporting process in the UNECE regionGroup workPDF

Preparing for FRA 2015

Örjan Jonsson

4 a

FOREST EUROPE/UNECE/FAO State of Europe’s Forests 2011: conclusion of the project and dissemination of the main results

Roman MichalakPDF
What YOUTH can do: An educational tool based on SoEFEve CharlesPDF
State of Europe's Forests 2011 survey Eve CharlesPDF
4 b

Next report State of Europe’s Forests: Plans for future developements

Myriàm Martín Vallejo and Roman MichalakPDF
5 a

Assessing sustainable forest management

Kit PrinsPDF
5 b

“Forest balance” – what components are required and how can they be assessed?

Stein M. Tomter and Andrius Kuliešis

5 b

Offers on development of SFM indicators in the UNECE/FAO regions (on example of the FRA tables)

Andrey N. Filipchuk, Boris N. Moiseev and Maria M. Palenova

5 c

Issues and Possible Work by Team of Specialists on Socio-Economic Indicators

Simon GillamPDF

Implementing Criteria and Indicators for Sustainable Forest Management in Europe

Hubert Inhaizer

Meeting report