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Emerging market economies of the region often lag behind their more developed counterparts in terms of the efficiency of commercialization of R&D outputs and the scope of innovation-based enterprises' activities. It is noted in the literature that the lack of private investment in research as well as insufficient industry-science links are the major obstacles to this type of entrepreneurship. At the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), we identify and examine good practices in reducing barriers to innovative enterprise development in both developed and emerging market economies. By providing a platform for sharing the accumulated country experience we are also advising member Governments on policy options.

This publication puts together good practices of fostering innovative enterprises in the region and highlights some policy actions that may be required to this end in emerging market economies of the region. It also summarizes the recommendations developed by the 2010 UNECE International Conference "From Applied Research to Entrepreneurship: Promoting Innovation-driven Start-ups and Academic Spin-offs."

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