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Guide on Impact of globalization on national accounts

Globalization is a growing phenomenon that affects the compilation of familiar national accounts indicators and related source statistics. This Guide for the first time provides comprehensive guidance for both producers of economic statistics and those who use the data for policy analysis and research.

The aim is to give practical help to readers. The Guide accordingly

  • reviews the many ways in which globalization affects measures of economic activity
  • highlights areas that increasingly need attention and resources to maintain the quality of national accounts and related statistics
  • examines the behaviour of multinational enterprises and how this may affect the compilation of national statistics
  • includes many examples showing how countries have responded to statistical challenges brought by globalization.

The UNECE, together with Eurostat and the OECD, established a Group of Experts on the Impact of Globalization on National Accounts. Leading experts in national accounts and balance of payments statistics share their knowledge and experience as authors and reviewers of the material in the Guide.


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