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UNECE TFWG Repository

UNECE Multi-Agency Working Groups on Trade Facilitation (TFWG) Repository
(on experiences of national multi-agency working groups on trade facilitation)

The template of questions on TFWG has been developed by UNECE and UNCTAD to structure the information provided in the joint repository. Countries are urged to contribute to such repository by filling the attached form and returning it to UNECE or UNCTAD (at UNECE by email: serguei.kouzmine@unece.org or by fax: +41 22 9170037 and at UNCTAD: by e-mail: TFcommittees@unctad.org, or by fax : + 41 22 917 0050)

Please download the template of questions on TFWG:    English        Russian

A number of countries already replied on their experiences and their responses to the UNECE secretariat are listed below :

Further examples can be found in UNCTAD's online repository.