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2013 Strategic Review of the Joint ECE/FAO Integrated Programme of Work in Forestry and Timber

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The main objective of the review process is to develop and agree on a Joint Programme of Work (PoW) for 2014-2017.

As part of the review all stakeholders who are or have been involved in the work of the ECE Timber Committee (TC) and FAO European Forestry Commission (EFC) and related subsidiary bodies, were invited to complete a Survey prepared by the bureaux of the TC/EFC and endorsed by the joint TC/EFC meeting in Antalya on 14 October 2011.

Results of this survey were presented at the 70th session of the TC and are available here:

Results of the Survey on the ECE/FAO Integrated Programme of Work

The Teams of Specialists also undertook their self-assessment:

Results of Teams of Specialists Internal Evaluations

The joint TC/EFC bureaux as well as the secretariat provided input to the review:

The following schedule is proposed for the review process:

Phase I: Evaluation

From January 2012 to April 2012  ☑

The questionnaire is shared with relevant stakeholders and completed online by 27 April 2012

March 2012, Working Party on FSEM ☑

The teams of specialists will present and discuss with the Working Party the results of their internal evaluation (An additional one day meeting could be organized in the margins of WPFSEM to discuss the review.

May 2012 ☑

The Secretariat prepares its assessments of work and outputs

July - August 2012 ☑

The following documents are made available:

(i) Compilation of results of the survey ;

(ii) Secretariat's assessment ;

(iii) First draft of the 2014-2017 programme of work to include scope, objectives, main elements and structure


Phase II: Preparation of the programme of work 2014-2017

October 2012 ☑

The 70th session of the TC, which was also open to EFC delegates discussed and revised the inputs above, and further developed the draft Programme of Work.

April 2013, Working Party on FSEM

The WP discusses new Terms of Reference of the Teams of Specialists

June 2013, Special Session of the COFFI with the EFC ☑

Delegates finalize the draft Integrated Programme of Work (Special Session)

December 2013

The joint session of the COFFI and the EFC reviews and adopts the new 2014-2017 Integrated Programme of Work (Metsä2013 Joint Session)

January 2014

Implementation of the new Programme of Work begins

2008-2013 ECE/FAO Integrated Programme of Work

Towards the 2013 Strategic Review of the Integrated Programme of Work on Forestry and Timber: ECE/TIM/2011-FO/EFC/2011/9 (also available in RU and FR here )

Draft Integrated Programme of Work for the Special Session of the COFFI with the EFC: ECE/TIM/S/2013/4 (also available in RU and FR here)

Unedited version of the Report of the Special Session: ECE/TIM/2013/2