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The Fifth meeting of the Task Force on Water and Climate reviewed the progress of the different activities on water and climate change adaptation under the Convention, considered cooperation with other similar initiatives and discussed future activities on water and climate under the Water Convention beyond 2012.

Participants are invited to send comments on the future work on water and climate change under the Convention (see document TFWC/2012/5) as soon as possible but not later than 25 May 2012 to Ms. Sonja Koeppel (email: sonja.koeppel@unece.org)

Provisional agendaPDF-PDF
Progress report of Pilot ProjectsPDF-PDF
Future work on Climate Change AdaptationPDF-PDF
List of participantsPDF--
Progress of the Pilot Project on reducing vulnerability to extreme floods and climate change in the
Dniester river basin
Ms. Olga Lysiuk and Mr. Petruk, Ukraine
Progress of the Pilot Project on river basin management and Climate Change Adaptation in Neman river basin
Mr. Vladimir Korneev, Belarus and Mr. Egidijus Rimkus, Lithuania
Activities of UNFCCC on water and climate change
Ms. Rojina Manandhar, UNFCCC secretariat
Water and climate change impacts and adaptation strategies. Technical paper
Activities of the EU Directorate General Climate Action
Ms. Rosario Bento-Pais, EU DG Climate Action
European Climate Adaptation Platform
Activities of the EU DG Environment
Mr. Nicolas Rouyer, EU DG Environment
Activities of the Alliance for Global Water Adaptation (AGWA)
Mr. John Matthews, AGWA/ Conservation International
Activities of the World Meteorological Organization and UN-Water
Ms. Sophia Sandstrom, WMO
brochure of the High-Level Meeting on National Drought Policy
Activities on climate change adaptation for the Carpathians
Mr. Sandor Szalai, Hungary
The Water CoRe Project
Ms. Jovanka Ignjatovic, Regional Environmental Centre (REC)
Flood Risk Management in the Czech Republic
Mr. Oldrich Novicky, Czech Republic, Water Research Institute
EURO-CLIMA and RALCEA projects
Mr. Fabio Andrés Bernal Quiroga, IDEAM, Colombia