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The fifth meeting of the Working Group on Water and Health will take place from Thursday, 11 October at 10 a.m. to Friday, 12 October 2012 at 12:30 p.m.

It will be held back-to-back with the eighth meeting of the Protocol’s Compliance Committee (10 October 2012) and the second meeting of the Drafting Group on Public Participation under the Protocol on Water and Health (10 October 2012).

The main objectives of the fifth meeting of the Working Group on Water and Health are:

  • to review the implementation of the programme of work for the period 2011–2013, adopted at the second session of the Meeting of the Parties to the Protocol on Water and Health (Bucharest, 23–25 November 2010)
  • to provide guidance on its further development, also taking into account changing conditions and limited financial means.

A special thematic discussion session on “the Protocol on Water and Health and the Green Economy” will be held on Thursday 11 October afternoon.

As done at the previous meeting, the Compliance Committee will offer the opportunity for private consultations with representatives of the Parties on the consultation process during the afternoon of 11 October. Interested Parties are invited to contact the UNECE secretariat to this end beforehand.

The working languages will be English, Russian and French.        

Participants are requested to complete the registration form and to send it to the UNECE secretariat by 24 September 2012 at the latest by e-mail to katri.veldre@unece.org (and by 2 September 2012 for those requesting financial support).

Document titleENGRUSFRE
List of participantsPDF
Guidelines on the Setting of Targets, Evaluation of Progress and ReportingPDFPDF
Draft programme of work for 2011-2013

Guidelines and template for summary reports in accordance with article 7 of the Protocol on Water and Health 



Policy Guidance on Water-related Disease SurveillancePDFPDF
Technical Guidance for Water-Related Disease SurveillancePDFPDF

Report of the seventh meeting of the Compliance Committee



How to better promote the Convention and its Protocol on Water and Health:
a guide for focal points
No one left behind: Good practices to ensure equitable access to water and sanitation in the pan-European regionPDFPDFPDF
Document titleENGRUSFRE
Item 3
Report of the fifth meeting of the Task Force on Target Setting and ReportingPDFPDF
Report on the workshop on water and health in Central Europe (Bratislava, 8-9 may 2012)PDF
Item 4
Note on the WHO Atlas on Water and HealthPDF
Report on the project technical meeting on monitoring of water supply and sanitation, 10-11 July 2012, Bonn, GermanyPDF
Summary report of the technical meeting on the elimination of soil transmitted helminthiasis in children in the European region, 12-13 September 2012PDF
Item 5
Progress report on the work on small-scale water supplies and sanitationPDFPDF
Concept note on water operator's partnerships contribution to the Protocol on Water and Health (GWOPA/UN-Habitat)PDF
Item 8
Outline of the thematic discussion session: The Protocol on Water and Health and a green economyPDF
Item 9
Report of the joint event "Public participation in environmental decision making: Focus on water and health"PDF
Draft extended outline of the guidelines on public participation under the Protocol on Water and healthDOC
Item 11
Concept note on the development of a score card on ensuring equitable access to water and sanitationPDF
Draft scorecard framework to monitor progress in achieving equitable access to water and sanitationPDF
Draft terms of reference for pilots to test the score cardPDF
Item 13
Overview of contributions and expenditures related to the ProtocolPDF
Item 16
Calendar of meetingsPDF
1Task Force on Target Setting and Reporting TFTSR
Pierre Studer - Swiss Federal Office of Public Health
2Second reporting exercise under the Protocol
Francesca Bernardini - UNECE
3Small-scale Water Supplies and Sanitation. Status of Work
Oliver Schmoll and Bettina Rickert - Federal Environment Agency, Germany
4Water Operator's Partnerships in Support of the Protocol on Water and Health
5Green Growth and Water. The Protocol on Water and Health and a green economy
Kathleen Dominique - OECD
6The link between the provisions of the Protocol and green economy
Alisher Mamadzhanov - UNECE
7Enhancing sustainable water use
Dominique Gâtel - Veolia Water, France
8Promoting green economy principles through target implementation for the Protocol on Water and Health in Moldova
Ion Salaru - National Centre of Public Health, Republic of Moldova
9Water utilities toward a better economy: a legal conversion in Hungary
Mihály Kádár - National Institute of Environmental Health, Hungary
10Increase of energy efficiency of waste water treatment plants (WWTP)
Oliver Schmoll on behalf of Hans-Jürgen Pluta - Federal Environment Agency, Germany
11Activity under Programme of Work 2011-2013 by Romania and WECF
Anke Stock, WECF