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Expert Group on Ammonia Abatement

The Expert Group on Ammonia Abatement promotes the use of the Framework Advisory Code of Good Agricultural Practice for Reducing Ammonia Emissions, which is to be used as a basis for Parties to draw up national codes and to quantify relationships between recommended control options/techniques and resulting ammonia emissions. The Group works in collaboration with EMEP, in particular an expert panel on agricultural and nature of the Task Force on Emissions Inventories and Projections and the Expert Group on Techno-economic Issues. In recent years, the Expert Group on Ammonia Abatement has focused on strengthening links with countries with economies in transition to encourage their participation in meetings and workshops. It has also developed links with the Task Force on Measurements and Modelling.

The Expert Group seeks to improve the quality of ammonia emission inventories, comparing national inventories, projections and abatement strategies. It considers review of, and possible revisions to, the Guidance Document on Control Techniques for Preventing and Abating Emissions of Ammonia (EB.AIR/1999/2, chap. V).

The Expert Group also seeks to address monitoring and modelling questions such as the link between ammonia emission control and the concentrations and deposition of reduced nitrogen compounds.

Presentation from sixth meeting: http://web.agrsci.dk/jpm/segovia/agenda.html




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Framework code

EB.AIR/1999/2, chap. V

Guidance document