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Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)

At the Millennium Summit in 2000, leaders from 189 nations adopted the United Nations Millennium Declaration. In support of this they agreed to achieve eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) goals by 2015. For each Goal, Targets were set and indicators to measure progress towards these targets were identified. The production and monitoring of these MDG indicators is important in the effort to achieve the MDGs.

The Statistical Division of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) assists countries in developing or improving their statistical capacities for monitoring the MDGs through expert group meetings, training workshops, interregional cooperation and knowledge sharing. 

To aid the countries in the MDG monitoring process and to inform the public, UNECE maintains a regional MDG-database with official national and international data on MDG indicators. The UNECE regional MDG database brings together data from the countries in the region and the various agencies of the United Nations that are in charge of the monitoring at the international level. It provides a regional perspective that is further strengthened as it includes additional indicators and disaggregates that are relevant for and used in the UNECE region.


UNECE Regional Database on Millennium Development Goals

Tables by Goal:

UNECE Capacity Building related to MDGs, recent activities:

Seminar "The way forward in poverty measurement" 2-4 December, Geneva, Switzerland

National Training Workshops on Presenting Metadata for the Millennium Development Goals (2 July 2013, Baku, Azerbaijan & 5 July 2013, Tbilisi, Yeravan)

Workshop on Education Indicators for Millennium Development Goals (21-22 November 2012, Tirana, Albania)

Regional Workshop on poverty and employment indicators of the Millennium Development Goal 1 (27 - 28 September 2011, Almaty, Kazakhstan)

Regional Workshop on the indicators of the Millennium Development Goals 4 and 5 (8-11 November 2011, Geneva, Switzerland)

DevInfo 6.0 Training Workshop  (07 - 11 December 2009, Geneva, Switzarland)

UNECE Training Workshop on Dissemination of MDG Indicators and Statistical Information for Central Asian and other CIS countries (23 - 25 November 2009, Astana, Kazakhstan)

Expert Group Meeting on Millennium Development Goal (MDG) Indicators in Central Asia  (05 - 08 October 2009, Astana, Kazakhstan)

Better Evidence for Better Development Results  (10 June 2009, Geneva, Switzerland)

UNECE Publications related to MDGs:

Getting the Facts Right: A guide to presenting metadata with examples on Millennium Development Goal indicators
English (19.3 MB) - Russian (22 MB)

Assessment of Capacity for Countries of Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia to Produce MDG-Relevant Statistics (2008)
English (2.4 MB) - Russian (1.6 MB)

UNECE reports on the MDGs in Europe and Central Asia and other UNECE publications related to MDGs

Print copies are available free of charge and can be requested by email to support.stat@unece.org, indicating the publication title, language version and postal address.

Other MDGs-related material: 

Report on definitions adopted by countries for MDG 7 (2013)

Report on the differences between national and international data for MDG 7 (2013)

Report on Definitions and Methodology for MDGs 4 and 5 (2012)

Report on data discrepancies MDG 1 (2011)

Report on definitions and use MDG 1 (2011)

The updated handbook on Indicators for Monitoring the Millennium Development Goals

Russian translation (unedited) of updated handbook on Indicators for Monitoring MDGs (1.1-6.10, 7.8 & 8.16)

Russian translation of 2011 draft handbook on Indicators for Monitoring MDGs (1.1-8.16)