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List of UNECE publications and reports on gender statistics

Developing Gender Statistics: A Practical Tool

This guide represents a consolidated reference for any organization or individual interested in producing information about gender differences, guiding producers of gender statistics in improving the availability of high-quality information on women and men.

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UNECE Experience in Producing Two Measures of Gender Pay Gap

This paper summarises findings of a UNECE survey on the gender pay gap from 2009.

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How Generations and Gender Shape Demographic Change: Towards Policies Based on Better Knowledge

Since 2000, the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) has coordinated the Generations and Gender Programme, which combines data collection with analysis of demographic trends and the roles of different factors that influence them, that of public policy in particular.

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Report on gender pay gap: data availability and measurement issues

This paper examines various substantive, methodological and practical issues related to the measurement of gender differences in income from employment.

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List of indicators on gender equality in the economy for countries of Central Asia

This paper presents a list of economic indicators on gender equality. It aims to provide guidance to countries of Central Asia, as well as to other interested countries, on measuring and monitoring gender equality in the economy.

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Visual Presentation of Data: Making data meaningful through effective tables, graphs and maps

This paper examines some general principles and practical tips on effective visual presentation of statistical data and graphics.

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Generations and Gender Programme: concepts and guidelines

The Generations and Gender Programme (GGFP) is a system of national Generations and Gender Surveys (GGS) and contextual databases, which aims at improving the knowledge base for policy-making.

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Challenges in measuring gender and minorities

This paper makes an overview of adopted practices to define and measure minority populations in the UNECE region and highlights the operational challenges in enumerating/measuring minority populations keeping gender stratification in mind.

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Analysis of national surveys carried out by the countries of the Conference of European Statisticians to measure violence against women

This report presents a comparative analysis of 25 national surveys carried out to measure violence against women by 17 member countries of the Conference of European Statisticians.

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Generations and Gender Programme: Survey Instruments

The Generations and Gender Programme (GGFP) is a system of national Generations and Gender Surveys (GGS) and contextual databases, which aims at improving the knowledge base for policy-making.

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Report on the Status of Official Statistics Related to Gender Equality in Eastern Europe and the CIS Countries

This report examines the state of official statistics related to gender equality in Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia. It assesses capabilities of countries in the region, as well as their strengths and weaknesses in the production and dissemination of gender statistics.

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Statistics on women and men and ICT: the ECE Region

This paper examines major data gaps and measurement problems that UNECE countries face in measuring the gender dimension of ICT, and proposes recommendations on strengthening the capacity of national statistical offices in data collection in this area.

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Gender Differences in Changes on the Labour Market in Transition Countries

The paper presents a gender perspective on trends and policy implications of changes on the labour markets during the first ten years of the transition process within a context of data requirements.

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