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Organized jointly by

United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE)
Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources of Turkey – General Directorate of Mining Affairs (MIGEM)
General Directorate of Turkish Coal Enterprises (TKI)
General Directorate of Mineral Research and Exploration (MTA)

The objectives of this two-day Workshop are to:
(i)  review the current state-of-the-art in mineral resource classification systems;
(ii)  build capacity on UNFC-2009;
(iii)  assess the possibility for the application of UNFC-2009 to Turkish mineral resources, and
(iv)  obtain comprehensive information about the practical application of UNFC-2009.

The Workshop will also focus on the practical application of the UNFC in other countries.For further details, please contact

Ms. Mücella ERSOY
Turkish Coal Enterprises
Hipodrom Cad. No:12
Yenimahalle-Ankara- TURKEY
Tel: +90 312 540 17 04
Fax: +90 312 540 17 75
Email: mucella.ersoy@gmail.com or ersoym@tki.gov.tr

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Workshop Announcement PDF
Workshop ProgrammePDF
Presentation Title & AuthorDownload
Overview of UNECE, ECOSOC, UNFC and EGRC
Charlotte Griffiths, UNECE
Resource Classification: How we got here and where we should be going
Sigurd Heiberg, Chairman, UNECE Committee on Sustainable Energy & Statoil
MTA's Applications on Reserves & Resources Classification Systems
Abdülkerim Yörükoğlu, Deputy Director, MTA
Turkish Mining Law and its Reporting System
Erdal Kaçmaz, MIGEM
Development & Detailed Review of UNFC (2009)
Jim Ross, Chairman, UNFC Specifications Task Force & Ross Petroleum
Overview of UNFC for Mineral Resources and Status of UNFC Studies in Turkey
Mücella Ersoy, TKİ & Coordinator of Minerals Stakeholders-UNECE EGRC
The CRIRSCO Template and its Relationship with UNFC
Roger Dixon, CRIRSCO
Review of UN Specifications Task Force Survey of Stakeholder Requirements
Jim Ross, Chairman, UNFC Specifications Task Force & Ross Petroleum
Financial Reporting and the IASB
Michael Lynch-Bell, Chairman, UNECE EGRC & Ernst & Young
Overview of UNFC (2009) for Petroleum Resources
Jim Ross, Chairman, UNFC Specifications Task Force & Ross Petroleum
EUROGEOSOURCE: A Multilingual WEB GIS System for Energy and Minerals
Stephan Gruijters, Coordinator, EuroGeoSource Project & Geological Survey of the Netherlands
Mapping of Australian National Mineral Resources Classification System to UNFC-2009
Yanis Miezitis, GeoScience Australia
Integration of Russia to the International Reporting System
Yuri Podturkin, Director, State Commission on Mineral Resources (GKZ), Russia and Vice Chair, EGRC & Grigoriy Malukhin, Head of Department, GKZ, Russia
Mineral Classification in Slovenia and Mapping to UNFC
Duška Rokavec, Geological Survey of Slovenia
Hard Coal Reserves and Resources in Poland according to UNFC
Tadeusz Smakowski, Polish Geological Institute – National Research Institute