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Annual Report (28 April 2007-1 April 2009)






Provisional agenda for the sixty-third session




Tentative timetable





Item 2 of the provisional agenda
Economic Development in the ECE region
Informal note



Item 3 of the provisional agenda
Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation
The work of the Economic Commission for Europe: Translating global objectives and commitments into regional results
Background note by the secretariat



Informal note




Item 4 of the provisional agenda
Review of the ECE Reform
Note by the secretariat




Item 5 of the provisional agenda
Report of the Committee on Environmental Policy on its Special Session
Note by the secretariat





Item 6 of the provisional agenda
Issues calling for action by the Commission
Note by the Executive Secretary



* Please note symbol change from that referred to in annotated agenda.

Powerpoint Presentation
Mr. Ján KUBIŠ - Opening statement


Programme: Economic Development in the ECE region



Powerpoint Presentation


Opening Session - General Economic Situation in Europe



Mr. Marek Belka - The impact and challenges of the current financial and economic crisis




Mr. Jean-Daniel Gerber - The financial crisis: the response of Switzerland



Mr. Alexander Yakovenko - The role of the ECE in addressing the economic challenges in the wider European region





Panel One



Mr. Michael Roberts - The importance of AfT for low-income countries (and donors!) within the UNECE region



Mr. Lubomír Jahnátek - The importance of energy security




Mrs. Tatyana Starchenko - The Economic integration in the wider Europe



Mr. Tair Mansurov - The Euro-Asian transport links




Ms. Etelka Barsi-Pataky - The importance of pan- European and transcontinental transport inter-connectivity – UNECE as the gateway between the EU and non-EU countries



Mr. Philippe Meunier - The Energy interconnections and water management in Central Asia



Mr. Gary Litman - The U.S. private sector perspectives on investment in and trade with Russia, CIS and Central Asia



Mr. Sigurd Heiberg - The Global energy reserves and the need for establishing a compatible standard for measuring energy reserves and resources (UNFC)





Panel Two



Mr. Augusto Lopez-Claros - Creating growing knowledge-based innovative economies in the wider European region




Mrs. Marina Kaljurand - The knowledge-based economy as a way forward




Mr. Antonio Erario - The Innovation challenges in transport and benefits from Intelligent Transport Systems – ITS applications in helping ECE economies to integrate more fully and become globally competitive.




Mr. Sergey Mostinsky - The role of innovation in economic competitiveness and diversification -- the challenges of economic cooperation and integration and the impact of the current financial crisis on innovative development.



Mr. Malcolm McKinnon - Eliminating paper and simplifying procedures



Mr. Steve Williams - Reforming real estate markets for financial stability





Panel Three


Ms. Kori Udovicki - An overview of the situation of poverty and the status of the MDGs in the region and how the financial/economic crisis is impacting progress




Mr. Fredrik Arthur - The implications of the financial crisis on gender equality and development cooperation



Mr. Marin Anton - The global safety crisis and the MDGs



Mr. Fatmir Besimi - The impact of the financial crisis in a small and open economy on labour markets




Mr. Bernd Marin - Addressing aging and the need for pension reform



Mr. Hussein Abaza - Creating a green economy and achieving MDG 7 on ensuring environmental sustainability





Programme: Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation
The work of the Economic Commission for Europe: Translating global objectives and commitments into regional results



Powerpoint Presentation


Opening Session


Mr. Predrag Nenezic - Regional efforts to meet climate change challenges: mitigation and adaptation


Mr. Doru Laurian Badulescu - Climate Change awareness on the way to Copenhagen


Mr. Matthias Machnig - Greening our economies


Mr. Gérard Poffet - The impact of climate change on the ECE region and challenges ahead


Mr. Paolo Monferino - Climate change: the role of the private sector






Professor David Simon - Introduction


Mr. Lajos Csepi - Climate change: Energy and Transport



Panel 1



Mr. Giacomo Mattino - Mitigation in the transport sector: the EU perspective


Mr. Martin Williams - Co-benefits from integrated strategies on air pollution and climate change



Mr. Markus van der Burg - Financing for energy efficiency


Mr. Wolfgang Förster - Environmentally friendly housing



Panel 2



Mr. Allan Carroll - Timber and sustainable forest management

Mr. Carel de Villeneuve - Adaptation in the water sector

Mr. Goran Svilanovic - OSCE’s work on climate change and cooperation with UNECE

Mr. Christophe Bouvier - ENVSEC and the environment and security nexus


Panel 3



Mr. Jan Dusik - Contribution of UNECE Aarhus Convention to climate change mitigation and adaptation



Ms. Irina Semko - Addressing climate change through education for sustainable development


Ms. Heli Jeskanen-Sundström - Climate change and official statistics


Mr. John Hontelez - Public participation in climate change debate



Ms. Elizabeth Wilson - Strategic environment assessment under UNECE Espoo Convention