Housing and Land Management

The UNECE Committee on Housing and Land Management and its Working Party on Land Administration have been involved in the development of policy guidelines and recommendations to address major challenges in the region in such areas as social housing, spatial planning, improvement of urban environmental performance and energy efficiency in housing, modernization of cadastre and registration systems as well as the creation of sustainable real estate markets. Despite their non-legally binding nature, such guidelines and recommendations contribute to improved policy harmonization amongst government agencies in UNECE member States, provide guidance for establishing more efficient legal and institutional frameworks for housing policy and advocate coordination of efforts to address major housing challenges in the region.

The following are the policy guidelines and recommendations approved by the Committee on Housing and Land Management and the Working Party on Land Administration:


    1.  Social Housing in the UNECE Region: Models, Trends and Challenges (2015) – in print
    2.  Survey on Land Administration Systems (2014)
    3.  Good Practices for Energy-Efficient Housing in the UNECE Region (2014)
    4.  Green Homes: Towards Energy-Efficient Housing in the UNECE Region (2012 reprint)
    5.  National Action Plan of Montenegro for Energy Efficiency Measures in the Residential Sector (March 2012)
    6.  Climate Neutral Cities: How to make cities less energy and carbon intensive and more resilient to climatic challenges (2011)
    7.  Study on the Challenges of Fraud to Land Administration Institutions (2011)
    8.  Policy Framework for Sustainable Real Estate Markets: Principles and Guidance for the Development of a Country's Real Estate Sector (2010)
    9.  Action Plan for Energy-Efficient Housing in the UNECE Region (2010)
    10.  The Relationship Between Population and Housing (2010)
    11.  Self-Made Cities (2009)
    12.  Guidance and Good Practice for the Application of Fees and Charges for Real Property Cadastre and Registration Services (2009)
    13.  Spatial Planning – Key Instrument for Development and Effective Governance with Special Reference to Countries in Transition (2008)
    14.  Guidelines on Social Housing: Principles and Examples (2006)
    15.  Housing Finance Systems for Countries in Transition: Principles and Examples (2005)
    16.  Land Administration in the UNECE Region: Development Trends and Main Principles (2005)
    17.  Social and Economic Benefits of Good Land Administration, 2nd edition (January 2005)
    18.  ECE Guidelines on Real Property Units and Identifiers (2004)
    19.  Restrictions on Ownership, Leasing, Transfer and Financing of Land and Real Properties in Europe and North America (2003)
    20.  Guidelines on Condominium Ownership of Housing for Countries in Transition (2003)
    21.  Land (Real Estate) Mass Valuation Systems for Taxation Purposes in Europe (2001)

    Website: www.unece.org/housing

    As of 14 January 2015