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The UNECE/FAO Team of Specialists Forest Communicators Network mandate was approved by the Timber Committee and the European Forestry Commission in Rome on 23-24 October 2008.


  • To improve the ability of the forest and forest products sector to communicate effectively, within and outside the sector, through
  • Providing a forum for international interaction and cooperation in forest related communications
  • Developing professionalism of forest communicators by introducing and encouraging state of the art communication approaches.


  • European forest communication strategy;
  • Gap analyses of existing opinion research and proposal for improving monitoring and regular analyses on public perception concerning forests, their management and related products; 
  • European Forest Pedagogics Concept based on best practice examples, common principles and quality standards for forest related environmental education;
  • Follow up to the Pan-European Forest Week 2008 (follow up media work; evaluation of achievements and lessons learned; improved concept for future activities); 
  • Preparations for the International Year of Forests 2011 (raising awareness in the region; developing a strategic outline for concerted activities of local, regional and global relevance); Contributions to the EU Forest Action Plan, in particular on forest related environmental education and on a European forest communication strategy;
  • PR advice to TC/EFC bureaus and joint secretariat, to the Team of Specialists on Forest Products Markets an Marketing as well as to other Teams of Specialists on request
  • PR advice to the MCPFE Liaison Unit Oslo upon request; 
  • Building PR capacity in TC/EFC member countries through conducting workshops, sharing examples of best practice and holding topical meetings.

Established/ Approved by

Joint session of the UNECE Timber Committee and the FAO European Forestry Commission, Rome, 21 to 24 October 2008


From 2010 to 2013, renewable thereafter

Team Leader

Mr. Ingwald Gschwandtl (Austria)

Deputy Leaders

Mr. Tomass Kotovics (Latvia), Mr. Colin Morton (United Kingdom), Mr. Kai Lintunen (Finland) and Ms. Pille Roivas (Estonia)

Responsible Secretariat Member

Ms. Eve Charles