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Provisional AgendaECE/CECI/2006/1 PDFPDFPDF
Draft Terms of Reference for the Committee on Economic Integration and Cooperation ECE/CECI/2006/2PDFPDFPDF
Substantive Discussion Segment: "Competitiveness in the Modern Economy: Challenges for the UNECE Region" ECE/CECI/2006/3PDFPDFPDF
Substantive Discussion Segment:"Competitiveness in the Modern Economy: Challenges for the UNECE Region" - Addendum ECE/CECI/2006/3/Add.1PDFPDFPDF
Inventory of the Work of International and Regional Organizations on the Themes of the Committee of Economic Cooperation and Integration ECE/CECI/2006/4PDFPDFPDF
Strengthening Competitiveness by Promoting the Knowledge-Based Ecomony and Innovation - Addendum 1 ECE/CECI/2006/4/Add.1PDFPDFPDF
Facilitating the Development of Entrepreneurship and the Emergence of New Enterprises - Addendum 2 ECE/CECI/2006/4/Add.2PDFPDFPDF
Facilitating Effective Regulatory Policies and Corporate Governance, Including Policies in the Financial Sector - Addendum 3 ECE/CECI/2006/4/Add.3PDFPDFPDF
Promoting Public-Private Partnerships for Domestic and Foreign Investment, as well as Intellectual Property Rights - Addendum 4 ECE/CECI/2006/4/Add.4PDFPDFPDF
Draft Outline of the Programme of Work ECE/CECI/2006/5PDFPDFPDF
Report of the Committee on Economic Cooperation and Integration on its First Session ECE/CECI/2006/6PDFPDFPDF