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UNECE Working Party on Agricultural Quality Standards

8 - 10 November 2011

Geneva, Switzerland

Sixty-seventh session of the Working Party on Agricultural Quality Standards

In-session documents ENG FRE RUS
ECE/TRADE/C/WP.7/2011/1 Annotated provisional agenda PDF PDF PDF
ECE/TRADE/C/WP.7/2011/1 (Revised) Annotate provisional agenda - revised PDF - -
ECE/TRADE/C/WP.7/2011/3 Geneva Agreement PDF PDF PDF
ECE/TRADE/C/WP.7/2011/4 Goose meat - carcases and parts PDF PDF PDF
ECE/TRADE/C/WP.7/2011/5 Horse meat - carcases and cuts PDF  PDF PDF
ECE/TRADE/C/WP.7/2011/6 Veal meat - carcases and cuts PDF PDF PDF
ECE/TRADE/C/WP.7/2011/7 2011 FFV Standard Layout PDF PDF PDF
ECE/TRADE/C/WP.7/2011/8 Early and ware potatoes PDF PDF PDF
ECE/TRADE/C/WP.7/2011/9 Plums PDF PDF  PDF
ECE/TRADE/C/WP.7/2011/10 Apples PDF PDF PDF
ECE/TRADE/C/WP.7/2011/11 Pears PDF PDF PDF
ECE/TRADE/C/WP.7/2011/12 Garlic PDF PDF PDF
ECE/TRADE/C/WP.7/2011/13 Cherries      
ECE/TRADE/C/WP.7/2011/14 Chestnuts      
ECE/TRADE/C/WP.7/2011/15 Lambs lettuce      
ECE/TRADE/C/WP.7/2011/16 Dried apples  PDF PDF PDF
ECE/TRADE/C/WP.7/2011/17 Dried apricots PDF  PDF PDF
ECE/TRADE/C/WP.7/2011/18 Dried figs PDF  PDF PDF
ECE/TRADE/C/WP.7/2011/19 Whole dried chilli peppers PDF PDF PDF
ECE/TRADE/C/WP.7/2011/20 Dried pears PDF PDF PDF
ECE/TRADE/C/WP.7/2011/21 Macadamia kernels PDF PDF PDF
ECE/TRADE/C/WP.7/2011/22 2011 DDP Standard Layout PDF PDF PDF
ECE/TRADE/C/WP.7/2011/23 Seed potatoes PDF PDF PDF
ECE/TRADE/C/WP.7/2011/24 Fresh chillies PDF - -
Reference documents      
ECE/TRADE/C/WP.7/GE.1/2011/3 GE.1 - Report PDF PDF PDF
ECE/TRADE/C/WP.7/GE.2/2011/3 GE.2 - Report PDF PDF PDF
ECE/TRADE/C/WP.7/GE.6/2011/6 GE.6 - Report PDF PDF  PDF
ECE/TRADE/C/WP.7/GE.11/2011/2 GE.11 - Report PDF  PDF PDF
Informal documents      
ECE/TRADE/C/WP.7/2011/INF.1 Summary 2012 agendas of GE.1 and GE.2  DOC -  -
ECE/TRADE/C/WP.7/2011/INF.2 Glossary of terms  DOC -  -
ECE/TRADE/C/WP.7/2011/INF.3 Use of codes on packages DOC - -
ECE/TRADE/C/WP.7/2011/INF.4 Geneva Agreement: position of France DOC - -
ECE/TRADE/C/WP.7/2011/INF.5 Size uniformity for apples and cherries: proposals by Poland DOC - -
ECE/TRADE/C/WP.7/2011/INF.6 34th session of Codex Alimentarius Commission DOC - -
List of Participants      
List of participants
Report of the Session