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Governance and organizational structure

Governing Bodies

United Nations Economic Commission for Europe and Executive Committee


H.E. Mr. Janis KARKLINS, Ambassador (Latvia)


H.E. Mr. Didier CHAMBOVEY, Ambassador (Switzerland)

H.E. Mr. Yury AMBRAZEVICH, Ambassador (Belarus)


Sectoral Committees

Committee on Environmental Policy  


Ms. Elisabete QUINTAS DA SILVA (Cohesion and Development Agency, Portugal)


Ms. Marina PHILIPYUK (Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection, Belarus)

Ms. Marie-Charlotte DELVAUX (Public Service of Wallonia, Belgium)

Mr. Lukáš POKORNÝ (Ministry of Environment, Czech Republic)

Mr. Nicolas FAIRISE (Ministry of Environment, Energy and Sea, France)

Ms. Nino TKHILAVA (Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Protection, Georgia)

Ms. Aliya L. SHALABEKOVA (Ministry of Energy, Kazakhstan)

Ms. Maria NAGORNII (Ministry of Environment, Republic of Moldova)

Mr. Vladimir IVLEV (Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Russian Federation)

Ms. Gordana PETKOVIC (Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection, Serbia)

Ms. Martine ROHN-BROSSARD (Swiss Federal Office for the Environment, Switzerland)

Mr. Alexander MAYER (the United States Mission to the United Nations and other International Organisation in Geneva, United States of America)


Inland Transport Committee


Mr. Jerzy KLENIEWSKI (Poland)

Vice- Chairpersons: 

Ms. Isabelle PAILLET (France)

Mr. Sergey ANDREEV (Russian Federation)


Mr. Ravil ISGANDAROV (Azerbaijan)

Mr. Sergei DUBINA (Belarus)

Mr. Kristof SCHOCKAERT (Belgium

Ms. Ingeborg Annette DETTBARN (Germany)

Mr. Antonio ERARIO (Italy)

Mr. Hans Gerard SCHOLTEN (Netherlands)

Ms. Carmen GIRON (Spain)

Mr. Jean-Claude SCHNEUWLY (Switzerland)

Mr. Roman SYMONENKO (Ukraine)


Conference of European Statisticians  


Ms. Marjo BRUUN (Statistics Finland)


Mr. Stepan MNATSAKANYAN (National Statistical Service of the Republic of Armenia)

Mr. Anil ARORA (Statistics Canada)

Mr. Konrad PESENDORFER (Statistics Austria)

Mr. Julio SANTAELLA (National Institute of Statistics, Geography and Informatics, Mexico)

Mr. John PULLINGER (Office for National Statistics, the United Kingdom)

Ms. Liz MACPHERSON (Statistics New Zealand)

Observers to the CES Bureau:

Mr. Walter RADERMACHER (Eurostat, Statistical Office of the European Union)

Mr. Louis Marc DUCHARME (IMF Statistics Department)

Mr. Vladimir SOKOLIN (Interstate Statistical Committee of the Commonwealth of Independent States)

Ms. Martine DURAND (OECD Statistics Directorate)

Mr. Stefan Schweinfest (United Nations Statistics Division)

Ms. Haishan FU (World Bank)


Committee on Sustainable Energy 


Mr. Jürgen KEINHORST (Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety, Germany)


Mr. Nazir RAMAZANOV (The State Agency on Alternative and Renewable Energy Sources, Republic of Azerbaijan)

Mr. Sergio GARRIBBA (Ministry of Economic Development, Italy)

Mr. Ramazan ZHAMPIISSOV (KazEnergy Association, Kazakhstan)

Mr. Talyat ALIEV (Ministry of Energy, Russian Federation)

Ms. Jelena SIMOVIC (Ministry of Mining and Energy, Republic of Serbia)

Mr. Jean-Christophe FÜEG (Swiss Federal Office of Energy, Switzerland)

Mr. Yagshygeldi KAKAEV (State Agency for Management and Use of Hydrocarbon Resources, Turkmenistan)

Mr. Ihor DIDENKO (Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry, Ukraine)

Mr. Jarad DANIELS (US Department of Energy, United States)

Bureau Members ex officio (Chairpersons of the Subsidiary Bodies):

Mr. David MACDONALD (Experts Group on Resource Classification)

Mr. Barry WORTHINGTON (Group of Experts on Cleaner Electricity Production from Fossil Fuels)

Mr. Ray PILCHER (Group of Experts on Coal Mine Methane)

Mr. Tim FARRELL (Group of Experts on Energy Efficiency)

Mr. Francisco DE LA FLOR GARCIA (Group of Experts on Gas)

Mr. Ulrich BENTERBUSCH (Group of Experts on Renewable Energy)


Steering Committee on Trade Capacity and Standards


H.E. Mr. Tudor ULIANOVSCHI, Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the UN Office and other International Organisations in Geneva (Republic of Moldova)


Mr. Dimitri FOMCHENKO (Belarus)

Mr. Daniiar MUKASHEV (Kyrgyzstan)


Committee on Forests and the Forest Industry


Ms. Marta GAWORSKA (Poland)


Mr. Christoph DUERR (Switzerland)


Ms. Maria SOKOLENKO (Russian Federation)


Committee on Housing and Land Management


Ms. Elena SZOLGAYOVÁ (Slovakia)


Ms. Daniela GRABMÜLLEROVA (Czech Republic)

Ms. Alena RAKAVA (Belarus)

Ms. Lise NIELSEN (Denmark)

Mr. Stefano SCALERA (Italy)

Ms. Vilma VAICIUNIENE (Lithuania)

Ms. Inger Vold ZAPFFE (Norway)

Mr. Andrey CHIBIS (Russian Federation)

Ms. Nuria RAGA SASTRE (Spain)


Ms. Nicky HEATHCOTE (United Kingdom)

Mr. Frederik ZETTERQUIST (Sweden) as an ex officio (WPLA)


Committee on Innovation, Competitiveness and Public-Private Partnerships (CICPPP)    


Mr. Sharon KEDMI (Israel)


Mr. Piotr BALTRUKOVICH (Belarus)

Mr. Arthur L. SMITH (United States of America)

Ms. Maria YARMALCHUK (Russian Federation)

Mr. Salvatore ZECCHINI (Italy)

(As of 7 September 2016)