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Price Index Processor Software

Download software:
Consumer Price Index Version 3.3.2 - 08/20/2011 (Patch)
Consumer Price Index Version 3.3.1 - 04/20/2011 (Full Version) with SQL patch
Download Producer Price Index Processor 3.3.1 - 01/28/2011 (Full Version) with SQL patch

Download source codes:
Consumer Price Index Version 3.3.1
Producer Price Index Version 3.3.1


New facilities in PIPS 3.3.1, aggregation of regional indices and use of COICOP


User Guide for CPI System (version IV, January 2011)

User Guide for PPI System (version II, August 2009)


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Downloading PIPS CPI version 3.3.1 and 3.3.2 in two steps:
When downloading the CPI PIPS, one must first download version 3.3.1 with the SQL patch. This has the complete CPI download of all files to be stored on the user computer. After completing the download and installation of 3.3.1, the CPI 3.3.2 patch should be downloaded. The patch replaces the CPI execution file (CPI.exe) in the previous download.

Downloading the PIPS PPI version 3.3.1 in one step:
Download PIPS PPI version 3.3.1 with the SQL patch, which includes all files to be installed on the user computer. It does not involve any additional steps.


Conditions and Limitations of Use for the Price Index Processor Software
The Price Index Processor Software is developed by the International Monetary Fund. The IMF has authorized UNECE Statistics Division, with whom the IMF has no other affiliation, to distribute the software. The IMF retains ownership rights to the original software. The IMF and the UNECE Statistics Division assumes no responsibility to users for support or maintenance and has disclaimed all liability for any errors that may exist in the software and for any other claims relating to the software. The PIPS was developed using standard Microsoft tools available to all users and only requires that users have licensed versions of Microsoft Office Suite.