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Working Together for Sustainable and Healthy Urban Transport: a capacity-building workshop under THE PEP, Kyiv

8 - 9 June 2011

Kyiv, Ukraine

Document                                            ENGFRERUS
Draft programmePDF
Information notePDFPDF
Action points for policy makersPDFPDF
Session I:
Living in a city: risks caused by transport. Results of two investigations - Zaporizhzha and Kyiv
(Dr. Olena Turos and Oksana Voznyuk, Ambient Air Pollution and Human Risk Assessment Lab, Marzeev Institute of Hygiene and Medical Ecology AMS of Ukraine)
Air pollution in Ukraine: the role of transport and ways for making changes for better
(Liliya Kozak, Division for Air Portection, Department of the environmental monitoring and air protection of Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources of Ukraine)
Transport Strategy of Ukraine up to 2020
(Dr. Alla Novikova, Deputy Director, State Road Transport Research Institute of Ministry of Infrasturcture of Ukraine)
Ways and needs for creating a healthy city
(Mr. Vitaliy Mochorev, Deputy Head, Health Department of the KCSA)
Need for integrated management in all branches of policies for human health
(Dr. Gennadiy Slabkiy and Polina Mychailenko, Institute of Strategic Research, Ministry of Health of Ukraine)
Session II:
Urban Railway Passenger Transport in Kiev
(Ms. Iryna Terletska, Head, Environmental Fire Safety, Licensing and Certification Division, Security in Industry Department, Deputy Head, Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine)
Transport in the Ukrainian capital: current situation and future development, projects and good examples
(Mr. Bogdan Tymchenko, Deputy head of the Transport and Communication Department of the KCSA)



Fuel quality - business cares about safety for citizens
(Mr. Artem Kuyun, A95 Consulting Group)
EU project "Air Quality Governance in the ENPI East Countries"
(Dr. Sergei Skokov, Head of the experts team)
Sustainable Urban Mobility in Ukrainian Cities - Opportunities and Challenges
(Mr. Armin Wagner, German Development Cooperation (GIZ))
Session III:
Bringing health into transport planning: the Health Economic Assessment Tool for walking and cycling
(Mr. Christian Schweizer, WHO Regional Office for Europe)
The seamless journey: Public transport links with walking and cycling
(Ms. Susanne Stölting, International Association of Public Transport (UITP))
Cyclists and pedestrians: an urban challenge
(Mr. François Tortel, Center for Technical Studies of Equipment, Metz, France)
Session IV:
Creation of National Research and Testing Centre for Advanced Technologies of Safe, Environmentally Sound and Energy-Efficient Road Transport
(Dr. Aleksey Klimenko, Deputy Head, Laboratory of the fuel using and ecology, Road Transport Research Institute of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine )
(Mr. Andriy Bilokin, Representative of WWF in Ukraine)
Cycling in Ukrainian cities
(Mr. Victor Zagreba, Kyiv Cyclists Association)