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Forest Products Annual Market Analysis, 2002-2004
Timber Bulletin, Vol. LVI, ECE/TIM/BULL/2003/3

The UNECE/FAO Forest Products Annual Market Analysis, 2002-2004 provides general and statistical information on forest products markets in 2002-2003 and forecasts for 2004 in the UN Economic Commission for Europe region (Europe, North America and the Commonwealth of Independent States).

The Analysis begins with an overview chapter, followed by a chapter on the policy implications of market developments, then a description of the economic situation and factors affecting forest products markets in the region.

Market developments in five standard sectors, based on annual country-supplied statistics, are described for wood raw materials, sawn softwood, sawn hardwood, wood-based panels and paper and paperboard. 

Regular chapters discuss markets for certified forest products, value-added wood products and tropical timber. In each chapter production, trade and consumption are analysed and relevant development on specific markets and policies are included. 

Tables included with the text present summary statistical information.  Additional statistical tables are presented in supplementary files for most chapters.


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Forest Products Annual Market Analysis, 2002-2004

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Table of contents and all pre-chapter material                                                                      PDF  

Chapter 1 - Recovery of forest products markets in the UNECE region

Overview of forest products markets and policies, 2002-2004


Chapter 2 - Policy implications of forest products market developments in 2002 and 2003

- Forestry law enforcement, governance and trade

- Certification of sustainable forest management policy  evaluation

- Policies for sound use of wood, wood promotion and building codes

- Industrial development policies and structural oversupply

- Climate change policy

- Wood energy promotion policy

- Trade policy, tariff and non-tariff barriers

Chapter 3 - United States housing remains strong despite economic weakness in UNECE region 

Economic factors affecting forest products markets in 2002 and early 2003

Chapter 4 - Raw material consumption on the rise despite weak global economy and local oversupply

Wood raw materials markets, 2002-2004

Tables 4   PDF

Chapter 5 - Increased globalization revolutionizes sawn softwood markets in 2002-2003 

Sawn softwood markets, 2002-2004

Tables 5   PDF

Chapter 6 - Sawn hardwood markets stabilize in 2002-2003 

Sawn hardwood markets, 2002-2004

Tables 6   PDF

Chapter 7 - Panels' production rising despite falling prices and current overcapacity

Wood-based panels markets, 2002-2004

Tables 7   PDF

Chapter 8 - Upturn in 2002 yields uncertainty in 2003 for paper, paperboard and wood pulp markets

Paper, paperboard and wood pulp markets, 2002-2004

Tables 8   PDF

Chapter 9 - Markets for certified forest products, 2002-2003

Chapter 10 - Trade in secondary-processed wood products slowed

Value-added wood products markets, 2001-2003

Expanded Geneva Timber and Forest Discussion Paper Available

See also Discussion Paper for more complete information 


Chapter 11 - China's imports drive tropical timber trade

Tropical timber market developments, 2002-2003

Expanded Geneva Timber and Forest Discussion Paper Available

See also Discussion Paper for more complete information 


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