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UNECE/FAO, in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management of Serbia will together organize a seminar in Belgrade, Serbia, focusing on the opportunities and benefits of using modern wood energy systems. With generous support from the government of Austria and UNDP Serbia and the Faculty of Forestry of the State University of Belgrade this two-day event will feature speakers from Serbia, Slovenia, Austria, Italy, Sweden and Scotland.
The meeting, which is open to participants from Serbia and neighbouring countries in south east Europe, aims to raise awareness generally of the environmental, economic and social benefits that would result from a wider-scale use of modern wood energy. Those attending will be drawn from government, municipalities, forest owners and managers as well as the wood processing sector, whose co-products could play an increasingly important role in energy provision, helping to improve Serbia's energy security and contribute to rural economic development.

Meeting Documents and Presentations


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Conclusions and Recommendations





The Case for Wood Energy

Mr Christian Susan, Österreichische Bundesforste AG, Austria


Wood Energy markets and trade in Europe – an overview

Mr Florian Steierer, University of Hamburg


Review of current technologies – heat only


Mr Thomas Maier, SWH, Austria


Emissions standards for wood-fuelled equipment

Mr. Heikki Oravainen, VTT Bioenergy, Finland



What fuel to use?: quality standards and price comparisons - covering split logs, wood chips, briquettes and pellets

Christian Rakos, proPellets, Austria


Cost effectiveness of wood against other fuels

Kalle Kärhä,Metsäteho Oy, Helsinki


Wood chips production and use – improving supply chains

Kalle Kärhä,Metsäteho, Helsinki


Co-firing techniques (wood and coal)

Mr. Heikki Oravainen, VTT Bioenergy, Finland


Thermic gasification of wood

Mr Richard Koch, Europaische Zentrum fur Erneuerbare Energie, Güssing, Austria


Wood energy market in Serbia - current situation

Prof. Branko Glavonjic, Faculty of Forestry, University of Belgrade, Serbia


A Vision for Wood energy in Serbia

Directorate, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management, Aleksandar Macura, UNDP


Wood Energy Policy - Austria ‘s experience

Mr. Dietmar Hagauer, Austrian Energy Agency


The Scottish Biomass Action Plan

Ms Rebecca Carr, Forestry Commission, Scotland


Energy model based on Güssing, Austria

Mr.Reinhard Koch , Clenergy, company, Slovakia


Biogas: The Energy Source of the Future

Mr .Martin Bruncko , Clenergy, company, Slovakia


Title to be announced

Mr. Aleksandar Kovacevic


Case study

Zelena Drina company, Serbia


Wood energy: Italy’s experience and some case studies

Mr Arturo Oradini , RDM, Firenza, Italy


Next steps - drawing up a wood energy strategy

Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management, Serbia