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Meeting Documents

Seminar Objectives

  • Share information on current developments in wood and forestry products markets and marketing
  • Plan collaborative strategies for addressing common obstacles to marketing wood and forestry products to major Western markets
  • Expand business-to-business networks, both within the Southeast Europe region and to Western buyers and sales agents.
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  Announcement PDF
  Agenda PDF
  Draft Conclusions PDF
Seminar Introduction: review of seminar background, objectives and meeting agenda Douglas Clark , Forest Products Marketing Consultant, UNECE/FAO Timber Section, Geneva PDF
Overview of wood products trade in Europe Dr. Ed Pepke, Senior Marketing Officer, UNECE/FAO Timber Section, Geneva PDF
Forest Products Market Information Systems Prof. Branko Glavonjic , Professor, Faculty of Forestry, State University of Belgrade, Serbia PDF
Internet Marketing Strategies – Country Experiences Prof Rich Vlosky, Ph.D. Louisiana Forest Products Development Center, Baton Rouge, USA PDF
Exporting Strategies – the BiH Wood Agents B2B Network Fuad Strik, CEO, StrikConsulting, Sarajevo PDF
Branding Strategies – Country Experiences Prof Davide Pettenella, Univ. of Padua, Italy PDF
Experiences from Wood Product Cluster Development - Estonia Mr Rene Tõnnisson, Tartu Science Park, Estonia PDF
Micro-Clusters Mr Kurt Wüthrich, Head - Centre for Development and Cooperation CDC, Bern University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland PDF
Marketing and Forestry Certification including chain of custody certificates Mr Andre Giacini de Freitas , FSC PDF
Marketing and Forestry Certification including chain of custody certificates Mr Jaroslav Tymrak , PEFC PDF
Fulfilling Market Entry Requirements in Quality and Safety Mr Jukka Tissari, Consultant, Finland PDF
The Swiss Import Promotion Programme (SIPPO) Mr. Stefano Guidese, SIPPO, Zurich, Switzerland PDF