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Market Discussion Presentations

Geneva Switzerland


The theme of this year's presentations was "UNECE region's forest products markets in a global economic crisis".


Prof. Branko Glavonjic, Chairman of Timber Committee

Belgrade University

Belgrade University


Mr. Ed Pepke

UNECE/FAO Timber Section

Forest Products Market and Policy Developments

Prof. Eric Hansen

Oregon State University

Certification and certified forest products

Mr. Rupert Oliver

Forest Industries Intelligence Ltd.

Transparency in Timber Trade

Ms. Paula Wey

State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (Switzerland)

Corporate Responsibility in the Forest Industry Today

Ms. Outi Marin


Green Building Influence on the Forest Sector

Prof. Robert Beauregard

Laval University

Economic Situation, 2009-2010

Mr. Robert Shelburne


Wood Raw Material Markets and Forecasts

Mr. Hakan Ekström

Wood Resources International

Wood energy markets and policies

Prof. Warren Mabee

Queen's University

Carbon markets

Mr. Maxim Lobovikov


Sawn Hardwood Markets and Forecasts

Mr. Roderick Wiles

Broadleaf Consulting

Tropical Timber Markets

Ms. Frances Maplesden


Sawn Softwood Markets and Forecasts

Mr. Mathias Lundt

Pöyry Forest Industries Consulting

Panels Markets and Forecasts

Ms. Benédicte Hendrickx

European Panel Federation

Paper and Pulp Markets and Forecasts

Mr. Tomas Parik

Wood and Paper a.s.

China's Importance in UNECE region forest products markets

Ms. Xiaoou Han

UNECE/FAO Timber Section

China's Forest Products Markets

Mr. Shengfu Wu

China National Forest Products Industry Association

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