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Market Discussion Presentations

Geneva Switzerland


The theme of this year's presentations was "Forest products markets rebound in the UNECE region: Innovative wood products lead the way".

Remote broadcast webinar

For the first time, the sessions is available via a free webinar  in English, French and Russian.


Monday and Tuesday October 11th and 12th Salle XVIII Palais des Nations.




Dr. Susan Anagnost

President, Society of Wood Science and Technology


Dr. Sudipta Dasmohaptra

Session Co-Chair


Mr. Ed Pepke

UNECE/FAO Timber Section

Forest Products Market and Policy Developments

Dr. Helmuth Resch

Economic and construction situation, 2010-2011

Dr. Delton Alderman

Engineered and Value added wood products

Mr. Filip de Jaeger

Consumer perceptions of wooden multistory houses

Dr. Anders Baudin

Wood raw material markets and forecasts

Dr. Roman Michalak

Wood energy markets and policies

By Ms. Christiane Egger and presented by Mr. Douglas Clark

Carbon markets

Mr. Jukka Tissari

Certified forest products markets

Ms. Katie Fernholz

Sawn softwood markets and forecasts

Mr. Russ Taylor

Panels markets and forecasts

Dr. Ivan Eastin

Sawn hardwood market developments and forecasts

Mr. Rupert Oliver

Appalachian Hardwood Product Exports – An Analysis of the Current Chinese Market

Dr. Jingxin Wang

Paper and pulp markets and forecasts

Dr. Eduard Akim

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