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What is the future contribution of wood to meeting UNECE region's energy needs?


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Background & meeting documents  

Title Author Download
Background paper:
Wood resources availability and demands - implications of renewable energy policies
Mantau, Prins, Steierer, Hetsch  [882 kb]
Press release UNECE/FAO Timber Section
Chairman's summary Johann Dengg
Provisional Lists of Participants, as of 1 October 2007          
Programme UNECE/FAO Timber Section          
Provisional Agenda (English)
official UNECE Timber Committee document
UNECE/FAO Timber Section          
l’ordre du jour provisoire (French)
official UNECE Timber Committee document
UNECE/FAO Timber Section          
предварительной повестки дня (Russian)
official UNECE Timber Committee document
UNECE/FAO Timber Section          
Information note UNECE/FAO Timber Section          

Presentations (download all presentations as zip-file [8.3 MB])

Title Author Organisation Download
Wood energy policies and recent developments in the OECD Jack Saddler   University of British Columbia  
Wood energy in Russia - Policies and interaction with the forest sector S.E. Gryaznov St. Petersburg Forest Research Institute  
EU policy developments and the forest-based sector Jeremy Wall

DG Industry and Enterprise, European Commission

Wood resources availability and demands - Implications of renewable energy policies Udo Mantau
Kit Prins
University of Hamburg
UNECE/FAO Timber Section
Mobilization of wood resources Gero Becker University of Freiburg  
Bio-energy and the European pulp and paper industry – an impact assessment Bernard de Galembert Confederation of European Paper Industries - CEPI  
Wood supply for energy use in France Patrick Vallet Institute for Agricultural and Environmental Engineering Research - Cemagref  
Contribution of agriculture to biomass supply Dietrich Klein COPA - COGECA  
The role of bioenergy for energy objectives Björn Telenius Swedish Energy Agency  
The forest products industry role in meeting energy-related challenges Jerry Schwartz American Forest & Paper Association  
Certification of biomass & environmental impacts Ishmael Dodoo ProForest  
Bioenergy – a future with European family forestry Christer Segerstéen Confederation of European Forest Owners - CEPF  
all presentations (zip-file) all    

IPCC side event  

Title Author Organisation Download
The role of forests and bioenergy in climate-change mitigation Bernhard Schlamadinger Joanneum Research  
Adaptation of forests to climate change Andreas Fischlin ETH Zurich