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The UNECE/FAO Team of Specialists Forest Policy in eastern Europe and central Asia mandate was approved by the Timber Committee and the European Forestry Commission in Rome on23-24 October 2008.


To enhance effectiveness of international activities intended to support and contribute to sustainable development of the forest sector in eastern Europe and central Asia, notably through:

  • Strengthened forest management and marketing
  • Strengthened policies and institutions 
  • Improved forest information management and communication
  • Identifying emerging issues and facilitating dialogue and discussion on important policy and cross-sectoral aspects; 
  • Better integrating countries of eastern Europe and central Asia in international networks and forums for discussion of forest sector issues in Eastern Europe and Central Asia
  • Advising the UNECE/FAO secretariat in the dissemination of its products in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, and in the implementation of Work Area 5; 
  • Monitoring implementation of the “Strategy for UNECE/FAO Activities in Eastern Europe and Central Asia,” and UNECE/FAO activities on implementing sustainable forest management.


The team will identify priority issues in countries in the region and promote a transparent regional discussion of priorities and best practice in reforming policies and institutions in the sector. It will advise the UNECE/FAO Secretariat, on the implementation of their programmes within the framework of the integrated programme of work. In this context, the Team focuses on the policy and institutional dimension of the work. It wi

  • Guide the development of a publication on Forest Policies and Institutions in Eastern Europe;
  • Improve exchange of information and experiences on forest sector policies and institutions between member countries;
  • Raise awareness of existing forest policy information and networks; 
  • Promote better integration of countries into international policy networks;
  • Improve public awareness on forest sector issues and issues of a cross-sectoral dimension in eastern Europe and central Asia; 
  • Maintain the ToS website.

Established/ Approved by

Joint session of the UNECE Timber Committee and the FAO European Forestry Commission, Rome, 21 to 24 October 2008


From 2010 to 2013, renewable thereafter

Team Leader

Professor Anatoly P. Petrov (Russian Federation)

Deputy Leaders

Jana Jovanovska, (The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia)

Alisher Shukurov, (Uzbekistan)

Responsible Secretariat Member

Hubert Inhaizer, FAO Subregional Office Budapest