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Substantive segment: the UNECE PPP Initiative - the UNECE PPP Toolkit and the UNECE International PPP Centre of Excellence

Session 1 - High Level Panel: The challenges of implementing successful PPPs, and how the UNECE International Centre of Excellence can help countries meet these challenges

Mr. Loay bin Ahmad Sa'ad Al-Musallam, Chief Executive Officer of the National Water Company of Saudi Arabia


Mr. Ioan Bala, Director General, Romanian Prison Service


Special address: The situation in Japan and the role of PPPs in its reconstruction
Mr. Sam Tabuchi, Professor at the PPP Graduate School, Toyo University, Toyko, JapanPDF
Session 2 - The development of the UNECE PPP Toolkit, and the structure and operations of the UNECE International PPP Centre of Excellence
(i) Overview on the development and purpose of the UNECE PPP Toolkit
Mr. Tony Bonnici, United Nations Economic Commission for EuropePDF
Dr. David DombkinsPDF
Mr. Peter DombkinsPDF
Mr. Anthony SmithPDF
(ii) How will it apply in different countries?
Ms. Irina Zapatrina, Chairman of the Board of the Ukrainian PPP Development Support CenterPDFPDF
Ms. Gulnara Kalikova, Kyrgyz RepublicPDF
Mr. Bernhard Mueller, Federal Ministry of Finance, GermanyPDF
Case Study: PPP Schools Frankfurt, Federal Ministry of Finance, GermanyPDF
(iii) What is going to be the role of the private sector? How will it be engaged?
Mr. Leo McKenna, Strategic AdviserPDF
Special address: PPPs driving change in Qatar
Mr. Saad Al-Mesned, Adviser, President's Office, QatarPDF
(iv) How will the Toolkit raise the capacity of governments in improving/implementing PPP legislation?
Mr. Richard Armitage, Simmons & Simmons, London, UKPDF
Mr. Alexei Zverev, Senior Counsel, European Bank for Reconstruction & DevelopmentPDF
Mr. Hafiz Salikhov, Chairman of the Sub-Committee for PPP Development, the State Duma, Russian FederationPDF
The UNECE International PPP Centre of Excellence: structure, purpose and benefits and progress, including international support
Mr. Jan van SchoonhovenPDF
Mr. Celso Manangan, Director 4, PPP Centre of the PhilippinesPDF
Mr. Türker Yöndem, Yöndem Law Firm, Istanbul, TurkeyPDF
Mr. Vincent Ladougne, Bouygues Batiment International, FrancePDF
Session 3 - Comments on the UNECE PPP Initiative from International Organisations, Multilateral Development Banks, the private sector, NGOs, and members of the TOS PPP
Mr. Jose Rubiato, Division on Technology & Logistics, UNCTADPDF
Mr. Anand Chiplunkar, Asian Development BankPDF
Mr. Nicholas Jennett, Head of EPEC, European Investment BankPDF
Mr. Anthony Pearce, Business Advisory Board on PPPs, UKPDF
Mr. Anthony Coumidis, Director, International PPP & Environmental Initiatives, McBains CooperPDF
Ms. Caroline Visser, International Road FederationPDF
Items 4 and 5: Review of the work done since the 2nd session, implementation plan for 2011 and proposals for 2012-2013
Capacity-building activities; Policy & normative work; Capacity building activities in 2011 and beyond
Mr. Tony Bonnici, United Nations Economic Commission for EuropePDF
Mr. Yuriy Husyev, Department of Investment & Innovation Policy, Ministry of Economy, UkrainePDF
Mr. Vladimir Karyagin, Minsk Capital Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers, Republic of BelarusPDFPDF
Mr. Yong-Seong Kim, Public & Private Infrastructure Investment Management Center (PIMAC), Korea Development InstitutePDF
Ms. Muhabbat Mahmudova, Senior Research Analyst, Infrastructure JournalPDF