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1st Environmental Performance Review of Azerbaijan

Published: December 2003

The publication is about the first EPR of Azerbaijan. The report covers twelve issues of importance to Azerbaijan, divided into three sections, including the framework for environmental policy, management of pollution and natural resources and economic and sectoral integration. Among the issues receiving special attention during the reviews were the policy, legal and institutional framework, public participation in decision-making and access to information; the use and supply of water resources, including drinking water; land use, agriculture and biodiversity; management of waste and contaminated sites; selected Caspian Sea issues and environmental concerns in the oil and gas sectors.   

ECE would also like to express its deep appreciation to the Governments of Denmark, Germany, Hungary, the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom and to the European Commission for their support to the Environmental Performance Review Programme, to the European Centre for Environment and Health of the World Health Organization for its participation in the Review, and to the United Nations Development Programme, the World Bank and WHO for their contributions to the work in Azerbaijan and the preparation of this report.  

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