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Joint Conference

Joint Conference on the Impact of Globalization on Transport, Logistics and Trade


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The Trade Division and Transport Division of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) will organize a Joint Conference on the Impact of Globalization on Transport, Logistics and Trade: the UNECE Work, on Tuesday 24 February 2009, 15.00-18.00, at the Palais des Nations in Salle XII.

This event will be a unique opportunity to identify synergies and areas of collaboration between the trade and transport communities, in particular on such issues as supply chain competitiveness or measuring border crossing performances.

It will show how UNECE trade and transport facilitation conventions, standards and policy recommendations, can provide substantive benefits to both governments and business within the global trading environment.

A brief background paper will elaborate on UNECE’s role in improving transport, simplifying processes, lowering the cost of doing business and increasing predictability and transparency. It will identify possible ways to help countries increase their economic efficiency and their participation in global supply chains through UNECE’s trade and transport facilitation instruments and activities.

The Conference will take place during the annual sessions of the Committee on Inland Transport and the Committee on Trade. Participants will include key government officials from all over the region; high-ranking representatives from international organizations, the European Union and the International Transport Forum; experienced scholars and experts from non-governmental organizations and trade and transport associations; as well as international business executives from the trade and logistics sector.

For more details, please contact our focal points:

Ms. Martine-Sophie Fouvez at infotransport@unece.org for the Transport Division and Ms. Liliana Annovazzi-Jakab and Mr. Mika Vepsalainen for the Trade Division at ctrade@unece.org.

  Background information      
  Final Programme - (updated 20 February 2009)   DOC E (167 Kb) DOC F (171 Kb)  
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  UNECE Transport Facilitation Instruments
Mrs. Eva Molnar, Director, UNECE Transport Division
  PDF E (2.51 MB)  
  Keynote Speech
Dr. Jozsef Pàlfalvi - Institute for Transport Sciences (KTI), Budapest, Hungary
  PDF F (0.37 MB)  
  Global Supply Chains, Transport and Competitiveness
Mr. Miodrag Pesut - Economic Affairs Officer, Transport Division, UNECE
  PDF E (1.05 MB)  
  Demand for e-tools in transport and trade - A customs’ perspective
Mr. Louis Kuhnen - TAXUD, EU Commission
  PDF E (1.41 MB)  
  Global Supply Chain & Logistics Competitiveness - The art of dealing with complexity
Mr. Marco Sorgetti – Secretary General, CLECAT
  PDF E (0.66 MB)  
  Recent contributions of the IRU to e-Tools Facilitating International Road Transport
Mr. Peter Krausz - Goods Transport & Facilitation, IRU
  PDF E (1.50 Kb)  
  Trade Facilitation and Supply Chain Competitiveness
Mr. Malcolm McKinnon – Chief Executive, SITPRO
  PDF E (1.06 MB)  
  Performance indicators and benchmarking
Mr. Michel Zarnowiecki – Former Economic Officer, The World Bank
  PDF E (0.51 Kb)  
  Single Window recommendations and experience on the ground
Mr. Mats Wicktor - Director Change Management, Swedish Customs
  PDF E (1.06 Kb)  
  Transport and Security
Mr. Eric Stewart - Strategic Advisor, U.S. Chamber of Commerce
  PDF E (0.42 Kb)  
  Rights owners and Transport sector jointly against counterfeiting
Mr. Ronald W. M. Brohm - Director, SNB-REACT, Netherlands
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  Press Realease and other News      
  Trade and transport facilitation can help in economic crisis (UNECE Press Release)    24 February 2009  
  Transport Challenges in 2009, 71st annual session of the UNECE Inland Transport Committee, 24-26 February 2009 (UNECE Press Release)    23 February 2009  
  UNECE Weekly - Special Edition on the Joint Conference   PDF E (734 Kb)  
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  Will be made available after the event