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Provisional agenda for the fifth meeting


Report on the Fifth meeting


Establishing a compliance procedure under the protocol on water and health


Review and assessment of progress under the Protocol


Surveillance of water related diseases


Draft work plan for activities under the auspices of the Meeting of the Parties to the Protocol


Extreme weather events, water and health


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Protocol focal points

Working paper 1

Mainstreaming activities and priorities of work under the Protocol into the policy making of WHO

Working paper 2

Health risks in enclosed recreational water environments

Working paper 3

Working with the Member States: water and health in WHO biennial collaborative agreements

Working paper 4

Below are made available PowerPoint presentationsfor the Working Group on Water and Health. These are not official UN documents but only designed to facilitate the discussion at the meetings of the Working Group.

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Mainstreaming the Protocol in WHO

WHO secretariat

Working with the Member States: Water and Health in WHO Biennial Collaborative Agreements

WHO secretariat

Conference on Enclosed Recreational Waters

Mr. Mihály Kádár (Hungary)

Activity on cyanobacteria

WHO secretariat

Targets and indicators 1

WHO secretariat

Targets and indicators 2

WHO secretariat

WHO indicators on water, sanitation and health

Mr. Mihály Kádár (Hungary)

Disease surveillance

WHO secretariat

Italian Observatory on Water and Health

Enzo Funari, National Institute of Health (Italy)

Extreme weather events and health

WHO secretariat

ISO/TC 224 - Service activities relating to drinking water supply systems and wastewater systems

Mr. Dominique Olivier, Veolia Eau

Draft workplan for the Parties to the Protocol

UNECE secretariat