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Based on the programme of work for the period 2011 - 2013 adopted at the second session of the Meeting of the Parties to the Protocol on Water and Health in November 2010, the main objectives of the Fourth Meeting of the Working Group on Water and Health were:

  • To review the implementation of the programme of work
  • To provide guidance on its further development, in light of its mandate, and taking into account changing conditions.



Document Title  ENG    RUS  FRE
Provisional annotated agenda
List of participantsPDF
Guidelines on the Setting of Targets, Evaluation of Progress and ReportingPDFPDF
Draft programme of work for 2011-2013
Policy Guidance on Water-related Disease SurveillancePDF
Technical Guidance for Setting up, Implementing and Assessing Surveillance Systems of Water-Related DiseasePDF
Guidance on water supply and sanitation in extreme weather eventsPDFPDF
How to better promote the Convention and its Protocol on Water and Health:
a guide for focal points
Report on the sixth meeting of the Compliance Committee



Document TitleENGRUSFRE
Report on the fourth meeting of the Task Force on Target Setting and Reporting
(Tbilisi, 19-20 October 2011)
Report on the subregional workshop to exchange experience on the implementation of the Protocol between Belarus, the Republic of Moldova, the Russian Federation and Ukraine
(Minsk, 5-6 April 2011)
Future work in the area of water-related disease surveillance and of the Task ForceDOCDOC
Progress report on the work on small-scale water supplies and sanitation, including draft questionnaire and draft outline of the policy guidance documentsDOCDOC
Draft good practice document "No one left behind. Good practices to ensure equitable access to water and sanitation in the pan-European region"DOCDOC
Note on possible further work on equitable access to water and sanitation DOCDOC
Executive summary of the document on good practices to ensure equitable access to water and  sanitation in the pan-European regionDOC
Note on work achieved and future plans to promote the application of recognized good practices to the management of enclosed waters generally available for bathingDOC
Note on how to strenghten synergies and cooperation between different activities under the ProtocolPDF
Financial arrangements to support the implementation of the Protocol, including an overview of contributions and expenditures related to the Protocol and resources required up to the third session of the Meeting of the PartiesPDF

Program of the side event on the 6th World Water Forum - 1st November 2011 (1.15pm to 2.30pm)

Programmed activities under area of work 7 Public awareness, access to information and publice participationPDF
1Save Water, Grow Green! Environment for Europe, 7th Ministerial Conference,
Astana, Kazakhtan, 21-23 September 2011
Franziska Hirsch - UNECE
2Equitable access to water and sanitation, Chantal Gatignol - Ministry of Health, FrancePDF
3First case studies on risk assessment of small supplies and introduce WSP in Marneuli
and Dusheti Districts of Georgia
Nana Gabriadze - National Centre for Disease Control and Public Health of Georgia
4Man-Made Recreational Water Environments
Martha Vargha, National Institute for Environmental Health, Hungary
5Activities on Water and Adaptation to Climate Change under the UNECE Water Convention
Sonja Koeppel - UNECE
66th World Water Forum Marseille 2012 Regional Process Europe
Give access to the drinking water and sanitation services for underpriviledged populations
Thierry Umbehr - Solidarity Water Europe
7Synergies under the Protocol
Pierre Studer - Swiss Federal Office of Public Health
8Task Force on Target Setting and Reporting
Pierre Studer - Swiss Federal Office of Public Health
9Task Force on Surveillance and early-warning systems
Enzo Funari - National Institute of Health, Italy
10Small-scale Water Supplies and Sanitation
Bettina Rickert and Oliver Schmoll - Federal Environment Agency, Germany
Frantisek Kozisek - National Institute of Public Health, Czech Republic
Sacha Gabizon, Magriet Samwel and Claudia Wendland - Women in Europe for a Common Future
11Promotion of the Protocol and its activities at the Sixth World Water Forum
Chantal Demilecamps - UNECE
12Progress in preventing, controlling and reducing water-related disease
Roger Aertgeerts - WHO, Regional Office for Europe